Portable Radio

FM/MW, Digital tuning, 20 presets, Stereo headphone, Battery operated AE6790/00


How to program radio stations on my Philips clock?

The unit can store 10 radio stations for each band. Auto Tuning 1. Switch the unit to MWor FM mode. 2. Press and hold TUNING +/- until the radio frequency flashes on the display. The unit will automatically search for an available station and will store it. 3. Repeat Step 2 until your desired station is found. Manual tuning 1. In FM and MW mode, tune to your desired radio station. 2. Press SET CLOCK/PRESET. 3. Press the number keys to store the preset station 1-5; press the +5 button followed by a 1-5 button to store preset station 6-10. You can follow the steps below to select a preset radio station, * In FM and MW mode, press 1-5 to select station 1-5 * In FM and MW mode, press the +5 button followed by a 1-5 button to select station 6-10 Remark: * Preset stations will be kept even when the set is out of power * Preset stations of each band do not overwrite each other

The information on this page applies to the following models: AE6790/00 .

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