Internal Drive

DVD, ReWriter SPD2517BD/10

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my Philips optical drive work with Windows 7/ Vista?

Yes, you can use your DVD burner with Windows 7 and Windows Vista. There is no special driver software needed. The supplied software (“Nero Essentials”) is compatible with Windows Vista, but not with Windows 7. Windows 7 already includes its own standard built in functionality to burn CDs/DVDs. Alternative software can be found online. This is free and offers similar functionality (like Nero 9 Lite).

The information on this page applies to the following models: SPD2517BD/10 , SPD6107BD/10 , SPD3800CC/05 , SPD4002CC/05 , SPD3900CC/05 , SPD6105BD/10 , SPD6005BD/10 , SPD2514BD/10 , SPD2413BD/10 , SPD6002BD/10 , SPD6004BD/10 , SPD2412BD/10 , SPD3400CC/05 , SPD4001CC/10 , SPD3500CC/10 , SPD3500CC/05 , SPD3400CC/10 , SPD2411BD/00 , SPD6001BD/00 , SPD7000BD/00 , SPD2410BD/00 , SPD4000CC/00 . more less

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