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How to preset DAB stations on Philips portable radio?

You can preset up to 10 DAB stations 1. In DAB mode, In DAB mode, press 1 / 2 repeatedly until your desired station name is displayed. 2. Press and hold one of the preset buttons (1-5) on the top of the set to store the preset. To save on presets 6-10, first press SHIFT, then press and hold the desired preset button for 2 seconds. Press SCAN for more than 2 seconds to scan all available DAB stations again, which will overwrite all the previous stations. To reset to the factory settings 1. In DAB or FM mode, press and hold MENU. Press SELECT to confirm reset will appear on the display. 2. Press SELECT to confirm the resetting.

The information on this page applies to the following models: AJ5100/05 .

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