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Digital Audio Broadcasting AE5000/05


How to change the DAB station info on my Philips radio?

In DAB broadcasting press DISPLAY repeatedly to cycle through the display information in the sequence as follow: * Dynamic Label Segment (DLS): Scrolls on the display text information supplied by the DAB station. * Program Type (PTY): A description of the type of program, provided by the DAB station and the broadcaster. * Multiplex Name: Shows the multiplex that is broadcasting the program you are listening to. * Time and Date: Shows the time and date, provided by the broadcaster. * Channel and Frequency: Displays the channel number and the transmission frequency. * Signal information: Shows the digital bit-rate and the signal mode. * Signal Error Rate: If the transmission signal contains errors, the system can apply correction. The amount of signal correction can be displayed as a numerical value between 0 and 99. >* As the value increases, the signal will be degraded. To improve reception, try adjusting the position of the antenna.

The information on this page applies to the following models: AE5000/05 .

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