DVD player/recorder



How to use Manual recording on my Philips recorder?

1) Turn on the TV set. Proceed to select the correct video input channel. 2) Insert a DVD+R(W). 3) Press REC SOURCE on the remote control to select the Tuner, then use ?/? keys to select the TV channel you wish to record. 4) To record from an external device, press REC SOURCE repeatedly to select the correct input channel that matches the jack is connected to the DVD recorder. * Front CVBS * Front S-Video * EXT 1 * EXT 2 5) Press REC ? to start recording. 6) To record from an external device, you have to start playback on the external device. 7) To stop the recording, press STOP ?.

The information on this page applies to the following models: DVDR3305/02 , DVDR3305/05 , DVDR3305/19 .

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