GoGEAR MP3 player

Spark, 8 GB* SA2980/02


How do I repair my Philips player?

  1. When your player is locked up or seems dead, you may connect to PC to repair the device with Device Manager. 2. Launch the Philips Device Manager from Start -> Programs -> Philips Digital Audio Player -> SA29XX -> Philips SA29XX Device Manager on your PC. 3. Connect your player to the PC. 4. Device Manager should acknowledge your player and automatically go into recovery mode. 5. Follow the instruction given by the Device Manager to proceed. 6. After the player has been repaired, click OK and disconnect from your PC. 7. The player is ready for use again after restart.

The information on this page applies to the following models: SA2980/02 , SA2920/02 , SA2925/02 , SA2945/02 , SA2940/02 . more less

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