Portable DVD Player

17.8 cm (7") LCD PET7402D/12


How to choose a subtitle language on my Philips player?

While the disc is playing, press the SUB button on the remote control repeatedly until the desired language is selected. To remove the subtitles, press the SUB button repeatedly until the screen shows Subtitle Off.

The information on this page applies to the following models: PET7402D/12 , PET7402/37 , PET7402D/05 , PET703/98 , PET940/98 , PET740/05 , PET940/93 , PET740/12 , PET940/12 , PET940/05 , PET702/12 , PET702/77 , PET702/55 , PET702/98 , PET702/75 , PET702P/37 , PET702/37 . more less

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