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    Flash audio player

    2 GB* SA2220/02


    How to restore the factory settings of a GoGear player?

    IMPORTANT: During this process, all files on your player will be deleted. We advise you to copy any files that you want to keep to the hard drive of your computer. You can restore the factory settings of your GoGear player with the automatic repair utility that comes included with the software for the player: * Launch the Philips Device Manager on your pc by clicking Start -> Programs -> Philips Digital Audio Player -> SA2XXX -> Philips SA2XXX Device * Connect your GoGear player to the pc with the supplied USB cable * The Philips Device Manager will automatically detect your player and start its recovery mode * Follow the instructions of the Device Manager * After your player has been repaired, click OK * Click the “remove hardware” icon in the taskbar and disconnect your player when Windows indicates it is safe to do so * Restart your GoGear player to complete the process

    The information on this page applies to the following models: SA2220/02 , SA2200/02 , SA2215/02 , SA2210/02 , SA2205/02 , SA2100/02 , SA2125/02 , SA2124/02 , SA2121/02 , SA2120/02 , SA2101/02 , SA2104/02 , SA2105/02 , SA2110/02 , SA2111/02 , SA2114/02 , SA2115/02 . more less

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