GoGEAR Portable video player

8 GB, 3.8 cm/1.5" full colour display SA3085/02


How to clean my Philips portable media player?

First switch off the player and disconnect any attached cables. Only use a soft, slightly damp cloth made of microfiber or other lint free material and gently wipe the surface of the player. Make sure that neither the surface nor the inside of the player ever become moist. Only moisten the cleaning cloth with a few drops of plain water and never use any chemical agents. Even cleaning products that have been developed specifically for glass or plastics may scratch, burn or otherwise damage the screen of your player. We advise you to clean your player on a regular basis in order to prevent accumulated grease from striping and staining the display.

The information on this page applies to the following models: SA3085/02 , SA3245/02 , SA2825/02 , SA3025/02 . more less

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