Rechargeables Battery

AAA, 1000 mAh, Nickel-Metal Hydride R03B4RTU10/10

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I charge my Philips batteries before first use?

At room temperature, normal NiMH batteries will self-discharge in around 30 to 60 days, depending on environmental conditions. It is therefore recommended to charge new rechargeable batteries before usage. However, new generations of Ready To Use rechargeable batteries have a much better storage performance and lower self-discharge rate. When delivered out of factory, batteries are charged and ready for use, straight out of the pack.

The information on this page applies to the following models: R03B4RTU10/10 , R6B4RTU25/10 , R14B2A300/10 , R20B2A300/10 , R03B2A95/10 , R03B4A95/10 , 9VB1A17/10 , R03B2A80/10 , R03B4A70/10 , R6B2A260/10 , R6B4A130/10 , R6B4A210/10 , R6B4A230/10 , R6B4B260/10 . more less

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