DreamWear Frame

Replacement Part, Small frame HH1116/00

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my DreamWear mask deliver therapy if I sleep on my side?

If you would like to know whether the DreamWear mask will deliver therapy if you sleep on your side, please find the answer in the following lines.

If a person lays on their side and closes off one side of the tubing, will the mask still provide therapy? Will it create a pressure spike?

The DreamWear mask will continue to provide the prescribed therapy. Most masks on the market operate with one tube running to the cushion and this mask operates in the same way. No increase of pressure or noise will occur.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HH1116/00 , HH1117/00 , HH1118/00 , HH1119/00 . more less


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