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    How do I use the Philips Precision Trimmer on my face?

    Published on 2020-08-18
    Find out here how to use your Philips Precision Trimmer to remove facial hair from your forehead, cheeks or upper lip. 

    Instructions for use

    •    Place the trimming head gently on the skin and move it slowly against the direction of the hair growth. 
    •    Make sure that the trimming head is in complete contact with the skin. 
    •    Try stretching your skin with your free hand, so the hairs stand up and are easily reached.
    •    Apply gentle pressure and make small movements on small areas


    Eyebrow trimming

    • Attach the eyebrow trimmer attachment with the desired hair length to the trimming head. 
    • Place the trimming head with the eyebrow trimmer comb on the outside of your eyebrow 
    • Move the appliance slowly over your eyebrow in the direction of your nose, against the grain.
    • Use the trimmer without the comb to touch up hair around the eyebrow. Be careful, as without the comb it removes every hair it touches.
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