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    New and effective:
    Blue light to treat plaque psoriasis

    Psoriasis Treatment BlueControl

    Are you looking for a convenient home treatment for psoriasis? 


    If you have mild to moderate plaque psoriais, most doctors currently recommend topical treatments – mainly ointments such as corticosteroids, vitamin D and analogues. If you have moderate to severe psoriasis vulgaris, your treatment probably involves using ultraviolet light (UVA or UVB radiation) or various systemic pharmaceuticals.


    Many patients find it hard to live a normal life when they have to apply messy ointments and creams several times a day. This means that they end up either applying them less frequently than they should, or discontinuing their psoriasis treatment completely. In fact, it is reported that only 25% of psoriasis patients are satisfied with their treatment.1 Patients perceive the frequent application of ointments to be inconvenient and time-consuming, limiting them in their daily activities. Furthermore, up to 40% of patients are reluctant to take pharmaceuticals.2 In many cases, they are anxious about possible side effects, or they are afraid that the treatment might not work or will require a lot of effort. This can all lead to low compliance,3,4 which means that the treatments are abandoned early or not carried out correctly. Ultimately, this can limit the success of these therapies.

    Psoriasis Treatment BlueControl
    BlueControl fits into your daily life

    Psoriasis home treatment that fits into your daily life.

    • You decide when and where to treat your plaques
    • Clinically proven efficacy
    • Wearable home treatment
    • UV-free therapy, without chemicals
    • No additional ointments required to achieve results
    • Only 20p per day treatment cost*

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    The fact that Philips BlueControl is wearable home treatment makes my life easier. I can simply treat myself while I go about my daily tasks like working, cooking and cleaning the house. And there’s no need for creams!"

    At last, here’s a treatment that’s easy to stick to, because it doesn’t get in the way of your life."

    It's easy to use. You just strap it on for half an hour. No pills, no chemicals."


    I’ve been using it for almost a year and I can say I’m impressed with the effects on my knees and elbows."


    Comfortable and convenient home treatment


    Philips BlueControl is the world’s first wearable light therapy device for mild to moderate plaque psoriasis. The small, lightweight device has a rechargeable battery, so there’s no cord to get in the way. Simply attach it to your arm or leg using the adjustable textile strap, press the button – and carry on with your daily activities. Philips BlueControl shuts off automatically after 30 minutes’ treatment per plaque – no timer required. For best results, we recommend daily treatment. Philips BlueControl can be used to treat multiple psoriasis plaques per day.  

    Philips BlueControl blue light therapy for psoriasis


    • Innovative – first blue LED light therapy for home use
    • Convenient – easy to use every day, no additional ointments
    • Gentle – no active ingredients or chemical substances, and no ultraviolet radiation to worry about


    Our psoriasis treatment products

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    Philips BlueControl is a Medical device class IIa (CE0344 certified, not FDA cleared) for the treatment of mild to moderate psoriasis vulgaris. Before altering or stopping any prescribed medication or using the device, patients should consult with their physician and carefully read the instructions for use. April 2017.

    *20p per day treatment cost,  is based on treatment being taken  every day for the lifetime of the Philips BlueControl device (approximately 5 years).

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