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Automotive headlight lamp

    Automotive headlight lamp

    Energy saver

    EcoVision consumes less energy than a standard car lamp while giving you twice the lifetime and more light. EcoVision lamps reduce your car's fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, which means you save fuel and money while helping the planet See all benefits

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EcoVision Automotive headlight lamp

H7, 12 V, 55 W 12972ECO Find similar products

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Energy saver

  • Up to 10% energy saving

    EcoVision lamps consume less energy than standard lamps.

  • Reduces your car's fuel consumption

    Over their lifetime, just one pair of EcoVision lamps can save you on fuel, which means you can drive longer for the same fuel expenditure

  • Reduce your car's CO2 emission

    Over their lifetime, one pair of EcoVision lamps will reduce your car's CO2 emissions. If everyone switched to EcoVision, this would save millions of tonnes of CO2.

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