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X-tremeVision G-force

car headlight bulb

    X-tremeVision G-force

    car headlight bulb

    Enjoy performance taken to new x-tremes

    Philips X-tremeVision G-force car bulbs are among the brightest you can buy. They outshine most other car lights with up to 130% more brightness, superior beam length and 10G vibration resistance. See further, react faster and drive safer. See all benefits


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X-tremeVision G-force car headlight bulb

Type of lamp: H7, Pack of: 2, 12V, 55W, More light 12972XVGS2 Find similar products

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Enjoy performance taken to new x-tremes

Up to 130% brighter light

  • See further and react faster with up to 130% more brightness

    Perfect illumination is especially important in the distance – usually between 75-100 metres in front of your vehicle. Philips X-tremeVision G-force boosts your visibility with up to 130% more brightness. This helps you recognise obstacles and any potential dangers earlier than with most other halogen headlight lamps.

  • One of the brightest bulbs: ultimate light performance

    With its optimised high-precision filament geometry, up to 13 bar high-pressure gas filling, high-precision coating and high-quality UV-Quartz glass, Philips X-tremeVision G-force headlights represent a milestone in automotive lighting. They are engineered for the ultimate performance and uncompromising visibility.

  • Significantly whiter light to improve comfort and safety

    The bright white light of up to 3500 Kelvin is significantly whiter than standard headlights. The Philips patented gradient coating technology produces a more powerful light, so you can enjoy one of the brightest lighting performances and a highly comfortable night driving experience.

  • A lifetime of safety so you can see and be seen

    Every potential failure of a spare part is a risk for you and your vehicle. This is especially true for headlights. Every broken headlight lamp reduces visibility and safety for you and the oncoming traffic. Philips X-tremeVision G-force is optimised for a long and reliable lifetime. You can see and be seen for longer than with any other high-performance lamp.

  • Performance means more light and longer lifetime

    Philips X-tremeVision G-force headlights are made for outstanding performance, producing up to 130% brighter light, without compromising on the lifetime. With up to 450 hours*, Philips X-tremeVision G-force's lifetime is significantly longer than competitor solutions in the more light category. (*tested at 13.2 V standard voltage).

  • Endurance performance bulbs for 10G vibration resistance

    Don't let a pothole be the end of your car lights. Today's journeys can be a challenge for your car. Philips X-tremeVision G-force is designed to last. Tested for up to 10G vibration resistance, these lamps underline their great endurance.

  • Among the safest road-legal headlights

    Philips X-tremeVision G-force is among the safest, easiest and most efficient ways to upgrade your car headlights within legal parameters. The lights are fully ECE certified.

  • Philips is the choice of major car manufacturers

    Technologically advanced Philips lighting is renowned in the automotive industry, and has been for over 100 years. Philips Original Equipment Quality products are designed and developed following strict quality control processes (including applicable ISO norms), leading to consistently high production standards. X-tremeVision G-force is compatible with car models of major brands, such as Audi, BMW, Ford, GM, Toyota and Volkswagen. See the product selector guide for more information.

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