LCD widescreen monitor

    LCD widescreen monitor

    Stylish wide display for home computer entertainment

    Pleasing to the eye, wide display: Stylish design and a host of smart features that elevate LCD viewing to new heights of picture perfect performance for every kind of content make 190CW9 your best computer entertainment choice. See all benefits


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LCD widescreen monitor

19" wide, WXGA+ 190CW9FB/05 Find similar products

Stylish wide display for home computer entertainment

  • SmartImage: Optimised user-friendly display experience

    SmartImage: Optimised user-friendly display experience

    SmartImage is an exclusive leading-edge Philips technology that analyses the content displayed on your screen. Based on a scenario you select, SmartImage dynamically enhances the contrast, colour saturation and sharpness of images and videos for ultimate display performance - all in real time and at the press of a single button.

  • Fast response time up to 2 ms

    Fast response time up to 2 ms

    GtG response time is the average time that it takes for a pixel to go from one arbitrary position to another, which is the average time of transition between several sets of random colour levels. Faster is better: Lower response time means faster transitions and, therefore, results in fewer visible image artefacts in the display of fast moving images. GtG response time is an important way to measure display quality of multimedia content like movies, videos and games.

  • SmartContrast 12000:1 for incredible rich black details

    SmartContrast 12000:1 for incredible rich black details

    You want the LCD flat display with the highest contrast and most vibrant images. Philips advanced video processing combined with unique extreme dimming and backlight-boosting technology results in vibrant images. SmartContrast will increase the contrast with excellent black level and accurate rendition of dark shades and colours. It gives a bright, lifelike picture with high contrast and vibrant colours.

  • TrueVision: Laboratory quality display performance

    TrueVision: Laboratory quality display performance

    TrueVision is an industry leading, proprietary Philips testing and algorithm technology for the adjustment and fine-tuning of monitors, an extensive process that ensures ultimate display performance in compliance with a standard four-times more stringent than Microsoft's Vista requirements, for each monitor that leaves the factory - not just a few review samples. Only Philips goes to these lengths to deliver this exacting level of colour accuracy and display quality in every new monitor.

  • One-touch format switching between wide and 4:3 ratios

    One-touch format switching between wide and 4:3 ratios

    Philips auto picture format is a button that switches from the 4:3 aspect ratio to the widescreen mode, and back again, to match the display's aspect ratio with your content for working with wide documents without scrolling or viewing widescreen media in the widescreen mode and distortion-free, native mode display of 4:3 ratio content.

  • USB port for convenient peripheral connections

    USB port for convenient peripheral connections

    The USB port allows the user to conveniently connect their plug and play multimedia devices such as USB memory devices, camera, portable HDD, Web camera, PDA, Printer and many other devices that use USB connection. The conveniently located USB 2.0 port on the monitor allows USB 2.0 signals to pass through to the computer. Note that many devices like cameras and HDD may need to be powered on independently, as they have higher power requirements than the monitor USB port can provide.

  • Hassle-free display performance tuning with SmartControl II

    SmartControl II is monitor-based software with an easy-to-use on-screen graphic interface that guides you through fine-tuning resolution, colour calibration and other display settings including brightness, contrast, clock and phase, position, RGB, white point and - on models with onboard speakers - volume adjustments.

  • Glossy finish to enhance your decor

    An attractive, elegantly finished glossy finish that fits in with and complements your decor.

  • Cable management for a tidy work space

    Cable management is a system that maintains tidy workspace by organising cables and wires required for the operation of a display device.

  • Complies with TCO'06 safety and visual ergonomics standard

    TCO'06-compliant monitors meet ergonomic, environmental and health standards for multimedia displays created by TCO (the Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees); TCO'06, the most stringent ever, covers requirements for visual ergonomics in multimedia display, including health considerations as well as other features that characterise good quality displays. A TCO'06-compliant display's specifications must meet or exceed TCO'06 standards for visual ergonomics, emissions and energy conservation.

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