professional flat TV

    professional flat TV

    Hospitality Flat TV

    Compact, slim and stylish. This 20-inch LCD hospitality TV offers everything you need to make guests feel at home, whilst saving time and keeping cost of ownership down for the hotelier. See all benefits

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Hospitality Flat TV

with Wireless Cloning for fast installation

  • Wireless SmartLoader for fast cloning

    Provides the ability to copy all programming settings from one TV set to other TV sets easily and wirelessly in less then a minute. The feature ensures uniformity between TV sets and significantly reduces installation time and costs.

  • Front/Side controls locking

    Selecting the option in the setup menu to lock or unlock access to the front and side controls of the TV prevents unauthorised access to the TV menu, saving the hotelier the time and effort of re-installing.

  • Built-in FM radio

    The integrated FM radio offers guests additional comfort without the extra investment in radio receivers.

  • Consumer TV Convertible

    Easily converts the TV from Commercial operation to Consumer settings for after-market sales.

  • Installation menu locking

    Prevents unauthorised access to installation and configuration settings, to ensure maximum guest convenience and avoid unnecessary reprogramming costs.

  • Volume limitation

    This feature predefines the volume range within which the TV set is allowed to operate, preventing excessive volume adjustments and disturbance of neighbouring guests.

  • Switch On Channel Programming

    Perfect for in-house advertising or information channels as it allows a predefined channel to be shown when the TV is turned on.

  • Crystal Clear III for natural images with enhanced quality

    Crystal Clear III combines a whole range of enhancements to provide a better picture. They include a 2D Comb filter, Dynamic contrast, Blue stretch and Green enhancement so that you always get the most natural looking colours.

  • 2D Combfilter sharpens images for finer detail

    The 2D combfilter separates chrominance (colour) from luminance (brightness) information in the video signal for independent processing to improve picture resolution and minimise distortion.

  • Virtual Dolby Surround for a cinema-like audio experience

    Virtual Dolby Surround is a processing technology for enhancing surround sound effects. It will create the sensation of Dolby Pro Logic without the necessity of additional rear speakers. You become totally immersed in your television experience.

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