Professional LCD TV

    Professional LCD TV

    For delighted guests

    This modern and energy efficient Hospitality TV is fully prepared for interactivity. Your guests can connect their own devices, enjoy music in the bathroom and have a personalised welcome message. See all benefits

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Professional LCD TV

22" System, LCD, integrated digital 22HFL5551D/10 Find similar products

For delighted guests

Philips Digital Interactive Hospitality TV

  • HD Ready with integrated DVB-T tuner

    Have guests enjoy the exceptional picture quality of High Definition pictures and be fully prepared for HD sources like HDTV set-top boxes. The TV is able to accept analogue YPbPr signals, as well as the highest quality uncompressed Digital signals via DVI or HDMI. The Digital signals will support HDCP copy protection. With the integrated DVB-T tuner the TV can offer Digital Terrestrial TV channels alongside the existing analogue channels. It also allows guests to listen to digital radio stations in high-quality sound without the extra investment in radio receivers.

  • SmartCard Xpress Box compatible for interactive systems

    The optional SmartCard Xpress Box can be mounted at the back of the TV set and allows third-party decoders and application cards to interface with the TV, adding new functionality to the TV. The TV can also be connected to external decoders and set-top boxes of all major interactive system providers through the Serial Xpress Control Interface (supporting UART and RS232 protocols) and the SmartPlug Control interface.

  • USB cloning of all settings for quick installation

    Provides the ability to easily copy all programming and channel programming settings from one TV into other TV sets in less than a minute. The feature ensures uniformity between TV sets and significantly reduces installation time and costs.

  • Remote software upgrading

    The TV software that controls hotel-specific features can be upgraded remotely through a certified system provider.

  • Integrated clock display with wake-up and message alarm

    The built-in clock display, which is also a wake-up alarm, eliminates the need to invest in an additional clock with cables and connections in the room.

  • USB Connector for easy, instant multimedia playing

    This Philips TV allows the guest to connect a USB stick for easy and instant playing of multimedia content. Playback formats supported are MP3, Slideshow files (.alb) and JPEG Still pictures.

  • PC input lets you also use your TV as a PC monitor

    With PC input you can connect your TV to a computer and use the TV as a PC monitor.

  • External loudspeaker connector

    Amplified audio connector for easy installation of external speakers (for bathrooms, for example), eliminating the need for investments in external equipment

  • Philips Connectivity Panel compatible to enjoy guest devices

    This TV works seamlessly with Philips Connectivity Panels. The guest can easily connect and enjoy media from a PC, MP3 player, DVD player, camcorder and various other devices. With autosensing, the Connectivity Panel and the TV will automatically switch to display the content from the connected guest device.

  • SmartPower for energy saving

    The backlight intensity can be controlled and pre-set by the system to reduce the power consumption by up to 50%, which saves substantially on energy costs.

  • Eco-friendly design and flame-retardant housing

    Sustainability is integral to the way Philips does business. Philips TVs are designed and produced according to our EcoDesign principles aimed at minimising overall environmental impact, through lower power consumption, removal of hazardous substances, lower weight, more efficient packaging and better recyclability. Philips TVs also have a special housing of flame-retardant material. Independent tests carried out by emergency fire services have shown that whereas TVs can sometimes intensify fires caused by external sources, Philips TVs will not contribute to a fire.

See all Specifications
  • For information on DVB-T enrolled countries, please ask your Philips contact.
  • Typical on-mode power consumption measured according to IEC62087 Ed 2.
  • Annual energy consumption is calculated using the typical power consumption of 4 hours per day, 365 days per year.
  • This television contains lead only in certain parts or components where no technology alternatives exist in accordance with existing exemption clauses under the RoHS Directive.

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