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    Design your own LED TV

    Design your own TV online (www.philips.com/design-your-TV) by choosing a frame colour, stand or wall mount and remote control. The TV has a 7000 LED-series picture and sound performance, Ambilight and Net TV. See all benefits

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  • Design your own LED TV

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Design your own LED TV

to blend beautifully with your room

  • Ambilight Spectra 2 widens the viewing experience

    Add a new dimension to your viewing experience with Ambilight Spectra 2. This patented Philips technology enlarges the screen by projecting a glow of light, on 2 sides of the TV, from the back of the screen onto the surrounding wall. Ambilight automatically adjusts the colour and brightness of the light to match the picture, creating an immersive viewing experience. The wall adaptive function ensures that the colour of the light always matches the picture, no matter the colour of your wall. With Ambilight Spectra 2, movies truly come to life!

  • Philips Net TV for popular online services on your TV

    Experience a rich selection of online services with Philips Net TV. Enjoy movies, pictures, infotainment and other Internet content directly on your TV whenever you like. Simply connect directly to your home network through the Ethernet connection, and navigate and select what you want to watch with the remote control. The Philips menu gives you access to popular Net TV services fitted for your TV screen. Additionally, with the DLNA-certified PC network you can watch videos or access pictures stored on your computer using your remote control.

  • Design your own LED TV online

    Design your own LED TV online

    At Philips online (www.philips.com/design-your-tv) you can design the 7000-series LED TV in the way that best suits your (living) room. You can choose out of 2 screensizes (81 cm [32"] and 107 cm [42"] ), 8 different colour options for your frame, a stand or a wall mount and 3 remote controls. The TV can only be bought online and will be delivered to your home free of charge within 3 weeks

  • Full HD TV with Pixel Precise HD for details in action

    Pixel Precise HD builds on the award winning Pixel Plus foundation. It brings the high definition picture quality to the next level with 4 trillion colours. With Super Resolution, Pixel Precise HD now brings you the best HD TV picture quality whether you are watching a video from the Internet or good quality Blu-ray movies.

  • 100 Hz LCD, 2 ms performance for superb motion sharpness

    100 Hz LCD creates extreme motion sharpness. The Double Frame Rate Insertion increases the sharpness of motion reproduction to more than twice that of conventional LCD, resulting in a performance with a response time of 2 milliseconds. Now you can enjoy clear images even with fast on-screen motion.

  • Feel the power of 20 W RMS and Incredible Surround Sound

    Feel the power of the music beat and the atmosphere of the movies. The powerful 20 W RMS (2 x 10 W RMS) amplifiers create a lifelike sound stage. Incredible Surround allows you to experience total surround with greater depth and width of sound complementary to the rich viewing experience.

  • LED TVs up to 40% more energy efficient than normal LCD TVs

    Using the latest LED backlight technology, LED-backlit TVs are a more sustainable choice, with a longer life and far lower energy consumption than plasmas and conventional LCD TVs. Unlike CCFL backlights, LEDs do not use mercury in their manufacture. In addition, Philips TV designs have constantly improved, resulting in higher material efficiency and reduced energy usage without compromising on safety and well-being.

  • Choose a wallmount/stand and a remote control

    Customise the TV with either the wallmounting bracket or base stand, and select a remote control of your choice to best fit your room.

  • Choose the colour of the frame that best fits your room

    Select the colour of the frame that best fits your room decor.

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Optional Accessories

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* Suggested retail price
  • 8 days EPG, service not available in all countries
  • Net TV: Visit www.philips.com/smarttv to discover the services available in your country.
  • The TV supports DVB reception for 'Free to air' broadcast. Specific DVB operators may not be supported. An up to date list can be found in the FAQ section of the Philips support website. For some operators Conditional Access and subscription are required. Contact your operator for more information.
  • Typical on-mode power consumption measured according to IEC62087 Ed 2.
  • Energy consumption in kWh per year based on the power consumption of the television operating 4 hours per day for 365 days. The actual energy consumption will depend on how the television is used.
  • This television contains lead only in certain parts or components where no technology alternatives exist in accordance with existing exemption clauses under the RoHS Directive.

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