Professional LED LCD TV

    Professional LED LCD TV

    Impress your guests, with the most efficiency

    With this modern and energy efficient Hospitality Full HD LED LCD TV, you will enjoy all the benefits of digital television. Your guests will enjoy a warm welcome and great viewing experience with this professional hotel TV. See all benefits

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Professional LED LCD TV

42" EasySuite, LED, DVB-T/C MPEG 2/4 42HFL3016D/10 Find similar products

Impress your guests, with the most efficiency

Philips Hospitality LED LCD TV

  • Brilliant LED images with incredible contrast

    Brilliant LED images with incredible contrast

    The most advanced LED lighting technology in this Full HD LED TV combines an eye-catching minimalistic design with stunning image quality as well as the lowest power consumption in its category. On top of that, LED lighting technology does not contain any hazardous materials. Thus, with LED backlights you can enjoy low power consumption, high brightness, incredible contrast, sharpness and vibrant colours.

  • Full Hotel, Healthcare and Prison Modes

    All required features for professional use in environments where more is required than in a living room. From volume and menu locking to more rigorous material testing, energy saving, anti-theft remote controls and dedicated Healthcare and Prison features to allow for niche market applications.

  • MyChoice compatibility for recurring revenues

    MyChoice offers a simple and low-cost way to offer your guests premium TV channels. At the same time it delivers an additional revenue stream which allows you to recover your initial TV investment.

  • ThemeTV Lite for easy channel navigation

    ThemeTV Lite offers an easy user interface that gives your guests the opportunity to navigate the guest menu to find channels from their home country, news and hotel information easily without the need for an interactive entertainment system.

  • Hotel Scenea for a tailored info and start-up channel

    Hotel Scenea allows you to select and store images on the TV that can be displayed as a start-up or info channel.

  • Integrated Connectivity Panel

    The Integrated Connectivity Panel allows your guests to seamlessly connect their personal devices to your TV without the need for an external Connectivity Panel.

  • Low power consumption

    Philips TVs are designed to minimise power consumption. This will not only reduce environmental impact but also lower operating costs.

  • Green Button allows guest to save even more energy

    With the Green Button guests have the option to save even more energy on the TV by opting for a higher backlight dimming or by switching off the screen when listening to radio. Another way to reduce a hotel's operating costs while involving guests directly.

  • Installation menu locking

    Prevents unauthorised access to installation and configuration settings, to ensure maximum guest convenience and avoid unnecessary reprogramming costs.

  • Eco-friendly design and flame-retardant housing

    Sustainability is integral to the way Philips does business. Philips TVs are designed and produced according to our EcoDesign principles aimed at minimising overall environmental impact, through lower power consumption, removal of hazardous substances, lower weight, more efficient packaging and better recyclability. Philips TVs also have a special housing of flame-retardant material. Independent tests carried out by emergency fire services have shown that whereas TVs can sometimes intensify fires caused by external sources, Philips TVs will not contribute to a fire.

  • Additional headphone connection for personal listening

    This speaker system features an additional headphone connection. Connect your own headphones for a more personal listening experience whenever you want it.

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