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    Professional LCD TV

    Seduction by light

    Offer your guests a unique experience with the Philips Aurea Hospitality TV. The interactive TV shows a soft halo of light matching the colours of the screen adding a completely new atmosphere to the hotel room. See all benefits

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Seduction by light

  • 100 Hz Clear LCD for superb motion sharpness (3ms)

    100 Hz Clear LCD creates extreme motion sharpness for clear and vibrant images even with fast on-screen motion. The Double Frame Rate Insertion works with a high 100 Hz refresh rate. It increases the sharpness of motion reproduction to more than twice that of conventional LCDs, resulting in a response time of 3 milliseconds (measured in Perceived Blur-Edge-Width; BEW). This unique Philips technology brings the motion sharpness of LCD displays to an unprecedented level.

  • HD Natural Motion for ultra-smooth motion in Full HD movies

    Philips invented HD Natural Motion to minimise juddering effects that are visible with movie-based picture content. The award winning algorithm estimates motion in the picture and corrects juddering movements in both broadcast and recorded movie material (such as DVD and Blu-ray Disc). The resulting smooth motion reproduction and excellent sharpness take the viewing experience to a higher level.

  • Powerful sound from unique invisible speakers

    Powerful sound from unique invisible speakers

    An invisible sound system that blends perfectly with the design of the Aurea. Although invisible from the outside, and extremely compact inside, there are no compromises to the quality of the sound. The new revolutionary micro speaker array uses 12 speakers per side to radiate the sound through an invisible thin slot at the front of the TV. They give a clear and spacious sound stage complementary to the rich viewing experience. The bass frequencies are generated by 2 powerful subwoofers integrated in the back of the TV.

  • Ambilight Spectra with Active Frame and sensorial halo

    Ambilight Spectra with Active Frame and sensorial halo

    The sensorial halo of Ambilight Spectra adds a magical dimension to your viewing experience. The Active Frame extends the light and atmosphere of the image far outside the screen in a soft kaleidoscope of colours. You feel fully immersed in the images, viewing becomes a more intensive experience than you could ever imagine. The compact LED technology enables a total of 126 power LEDs to be placed around the screen. This creates a multitude of segments that fuse into one soft surround of light in the Active Frame, directly enveloping the screen and flowing seamlessly into a soft halo on the wall.

  • Serial Xpress control interface for interactive systems

    The TV can be connected to external decoders and set-top boxes of all major interactive system providers, through the Serial Xpress Control Interface (UART protocol).

  • Installation menu locking

    Prevents unauthorised access to installation and configuration settings, to ensure maximum guest convenience and avoid unnecessary reprogramming costs.

  • Full HD (1920 x 1080p) with integrated DVB-T tuner

    With state-of-the-art LCD screen technology this TV has the full high-definition widescreen resolution of 1920 x 1080p. It allows the best possible picture quality from any format of HD input signal. It produces a brilliant flicker-free, vibrant and sharp image that will provide guests with an enhanced viewing experience. With the integrated DVB-T tuner the TV can offer Digital Terrestrial TV channels, next to the existing analogue channels. It also allows guests to listen to digital radio stations.

  • USB Connector for easy, instant multimedia playing

    This Philips TV allows the guest to connect a USB stick for easy and instant playing of multimedia content. Playback formats supported are MP3, Slideshow files (.alb) and JPEG Still pictures.

  • Philips Connectivity Panel compatible to enjoy guest devices

    This TV works seamlessly with Philips Connectivity Panels. The guest can easily connect and enjoy media from a PC, MP3 player, DVD player, camcorder and various other devices. With autosensing, the Connectivity Panel and the TV will automatically switch to display the content from the connected guest device.

  • Eco-friendly design and flame-retardant housing

    Sustainability is integral to the way Philips does business. Philips TVs are designed and produced according to our EcoDesign principles aimed at minimising overall environmental impact, through lower power consumption, removal of hazardous substances, lower weight, more efficient packaging and better recyclability. Philips TVs also have a special housing of flame-retardant material. Independent tests carried out by emergency fire services have shown that whereas TVs can sometimes intensify fires caused by external sources, Philips TVs will not contribute to a fire.

  • Switch On Channel Programming

    Perfect for in-house advertising or information channels as it allows a predefined channel to be shown when the TV is turned on.

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  • For information on DVB-T enrolled countries, please ask your Philips contact.

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