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wireless studio speakers

    wireless studio speakers

    Play it all, play it loud

    Experience massive, hi-fi sound with these 30W studio speakers and incredible bass reproduction. Stream music wirelessly using Bluetooth® with aptX® and AAC. All in a compact design. See all benefits

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wireless studio speakers

Bluetooth® aptX, Digital-in, Analog-in, 30W max BTS3000G/10 Find similar products

Play it all, play it loud

  • Bass Reflex Speaker System delivers a powerful, deeper bass

    Bass Reflex Speaker System delivers a powerful, deeper bass

    Bass Reflex Speaker System delivers a deep bass experience from a compact loudspeaker box system. It differs from a conventional loudspeaker box system in the addition of a bass pipe that is acoustically aligned to the woofer to optimise the low frequency roll-off of the system. The result is deeper controlled bass and lower distortion. The system works by causing the air mass in the bass pipe to vibrate like a conventional woofer. Combined with the response of the woofer, the system extends the overall low frequency sounds to create a completely new dimension of deep bass.

  • Wireless music streaming via Bluetooth

    Your speaker supports Bluetooth music streaming. It lets you enjoy your favourite tunes in high-quality music wirelessly from your Bluetooth-enabled devices.

  • Treble and Bass Control for easy high and low tone settings

    Treble and bass are equalizer features that control the high and low frequency sound levels of your audio respectively. Treble specifically regulates the amplification of the high tones in the music, while bass controls the amplification level of the low tones. Using the up and down keys, the listener can conveniently place more or less emphasis on the low and high tones, or leave treble and bass flat to play back music according to its original recorded setting. Treble and Bass Control lets you listen to your music the way you like it.

  • Compact design fits any space, any lifestyle

    Compact design fits any space, any lifestyle. The compact set fits in every room due to its sleek design and size.

  • High-fidelity Bluetooth® (aptX® and AAC) music streaming

    With advanced technology, sound streamed via Bluetooth® is brought to the next level. Standard Bluetooth® audio uses an SBC codec that is built for basic audio transmission, sometimes leaving listeners disappointed and dissatisfied. The Philips speaker, however, is armed with high-fidelity (aptX® and AAC) Bluetooth® wireless technology – giving you rich, powerful and crystal clear sound. Compatible with both the latest Android™ and Apple iOS smartphones, tablets and other devices, Philips now delivers the audio quality you have come to expect. Wireless music never sounded this good.

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