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    16 X Ultimate Writing Speed

    First drive to combine both 16 X DVD+R recording speed and 8.5 GB DVD+R DL double layer capacity See all benefits

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16 X Ultimate Writing Speed

First drive to offer 16 X DVD+R recording

  • Record at the highest speed allowed by the technology

    Top Speed recording is the highest recording speed possible within the limits of the technology.

  • 16 x top writing speed on DVD+R/-R

    Top speed 16 X recording on DVD+R and DVD-R discs

  • Fast recording of your (re-)writable discs

    Record your discs faster than ever before

  • 8.5 GB storage capacity on a single-sided double-layer disc

    Store 8.5 GB of data or 4 hours of DVD quality video on one single-sided double-layer disc

  • Dynamic Calibration ensures quality when writing at high speed

    Dynamic Calibration optimises DVD writing quality of high-speed DVD+RW drives.

  • Confidently play your DVDs on all drives and set-top devices

    DVD Compatibility ensures playability of self-made DVD discs on as many set-top players and DVD-ROMs as possible.

  • Safe and reliable re-writing with Seamless Link

    Seamless Link prevents loss of discs caused by writing errors

  • Optimum recording speed for any recordable disc

    Always the best and fastest recording of any of your recordable discs

  • Extensive software package for DVD and CD applications

    Complete software bundle offering all functionality in a simple, intuitive way.

  • Intuitive software using a central launch screen as a start

    Intuitive launch screen to provide an overview of all available applications and to start them

  • Feature to determine disc format used and its applications

    Application software feature detecting the actual disc used and automatically selecting the correct applications

  • Step-by-step guidance for installation and applications

    Photo-guided step-by-step tour through both installation process and applications

  • 4 Hours of DVD-quality video fits on one disc

    4 Hours of DVD-quality video fits on one disc without the need to turn the disc in the middle of a movie

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