Amara View Full Face Mask - Fit Pack (S, M, L)

Amara View Full Face Mask - Fit Pack (S, M, L)

Fit Pack - 3 cushion sizes (S, M, L), 1 modular frame HH1231/00 Find similar products

Technical Specifications

  • Service

  • Innovative design

    Wide field of vision
    Wear glasses, read or watch TV
  • Specifications

    Operating pressure
    5 -30 cmH2O
    Sound pressure level
    24.2 dBA
    N° of parts
    Cushion material
    Headgear material
    UBL/mesh blend
    Cleaning instructions: mask
    Rinse thorougly, air dry
    Cleaning: headgear, tubing
    • Hand wash with mild detergent
    • Rinse thoroughly, hang to dry
    Headgear clips/Tubing material
    Thermoplastic polyester elastomer
    Quick release feature material
    Polyoxymethylene (Acetal)
    Frame/Elbow/Swivel material
  • Intent of use

    To be used on patients <gt/>30kg
    with CPAP prescription
  • Contraindications:

    Impaired cough reflex
    impaired cardiac sphincter
    Recent eye surgery, dry eyes,
    hiatal hernia, major reflux

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