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Component micro Hi-Fi system

    Component micro Hi-Fi system

    Enjoy high fidelity music

    Great sound from CDs, MP3 Link and USB Direct with this Philips MCM7000/12. Hi-Fi dome tweeters bring you detailed and natural sound while Treble and Bass Control lets you adjust tones. An aluminium cabinet adds a high-quality look. See all benefits

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  • Enjoy high fidelity music

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  • Enjoy high fidelity music

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Harmony Component micro Hi-Fi system

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Enjoy high fidelity music

Obsessed with sound

  • Play MP3/WMA-CD, CD and CD-RW

    Play MP3/WMA-CD, CD and CD-RW

    Audio compression technology allows large digital music files to be reduced up to 10 times in size without radically degrading their audio quality. MP3 or WMA are two of the compression formats that let you enjoy a world of digital music on your Philips player. Download MP3 or WMA songs from authorised music sites on the Internet or create your own MP3 or WMA music files by ripping your audio CDs and transferring them onto your player.

  • MP3 Link for portable music playback

    MP3 Link for portable music playback

    The MP3 link connectivity allows direct playback of MP3 content from portable media players. Besides the benefit of enjoying your favourite music in the superior sound quality delivered by the audio system, the MP3 link is also extremely convenient as all you have to do is to plug your portable MP3 player into the audio system.

  • USB Direct for MP3/WMA music playback

    USB Direct for MP3/WMA music playback

    With the USB Direct mode, simply plug in your USB device to the USB port on your Philips device and your digital music will be played directly from the Philips device.

  • 60 W RMS total output power

    60 W RMS total output power

    RMS refers to Root Mean Square, which is a typical measurement of audio power, or rather, the electrical power transferred from an audio amplifier to a loudspeaker, which is measured in watts. The amount of electrical power delivered to the loudspeaker and its sensitivity determines the sound power that is generated. Essentially, amplifiers are limited by the electrical energy they can amplify and loudspeakers by the electrical energy they can convert into sound energy, without distorting the audio signal. The higher the wattage, the better the sound power emitted by the speaker.

  • Aluminium cabinet for quality look and feel

    Aluminium cabinet for quality look and feel

    Aluminium die casting is lightweight and can withstand higher temperatures. It offers great strength and rigidity, along with good corrosion resistance.

  • Gold-plated speaker connector for finest signal transmission

    Gold-plated speaker connector for finest signal transmission

    The gold-plated speaker connector ensures better audio signal transmission compared to traditional click-fit connections. It also minimises the electrical signal loss from the amplifier to the speaker box, resulting in sound reproduction that's as close to reality as possible.

  • Treble and Bass Control for easy high and low tone settings

    Treble and bass are equalizer features that control the high and low frequency sound levels of your audio respectively. Treble specifically regulates the amplification of the high tones in the music, while bass controls the amplification level of the low tones. Using the up and down keys, the listener can conveniently place more or less emphasis on the low and high tones, or leave treble and bass flat to play back music according to its original recorded setting. Treble and Bass Control lets you listen to your music the way you like it.

  • Class 'D' digital amplifier for quality sound performance

    The Class 'D' Digital Amplifier takes an analogue signal, converts it into a digital signal and then amplifies the signal digitally. The signal then enters a demodulation filter to give the final output. The amplified digital output delivers all the advantages of digital audio, including improved sound quality. In addition, the Class 'D' Digital Amplifier has over 90% efficiency compared to traditional AB amplifiers. This high efficiency translates into a powerful amplifier with a small footprint.

  • Hi-Fi dome tweeter for detailed and natural sound

    Hi-Fi dome tweeter reproduces clear high and mid-range frequencies that enhance the overall sound clarity coming from the speakers. Delivering a harmonious blend of undistorted and uncoloured wide-ranging sound, the dome tweeter offers detailed vocal clarity, instrument purity and natural tone — balancing the overall sound performance when paired with a combination of woofers.

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