PicoPix Mobile projector

Ultra-portable, Wireless connectivity, 100 lumens, Built-in speaker and battery PPX5110/INT Find similar products

Project your life

PicoPix PPX5110, the on-the-go mobile projector

  • Ultra-portable
  • Wireless connectivity
  • 100 lumens
  • Built-in speaker and battery

Built-in speaker and battery, for even more mobility

The PicoPix PPX5110 comes with a built-in speaker (1W) and a rechargeable battery. Up to 70 minutes of continuous YouTube video or photo enjoyment can be achieved on a single charge, bringing users into a new era of entertainment.

LED technology, up to 20,000 hours of projection lifespan

Your pictures and videos deserve the best quality when it comes to sharing them with those around you. This is why the PicoPix PPX5110 uses high-quality LED technology to project your pictures and videos in brilliant colours and breathtaking contrast.

Only 140g of technology to transport it everywhere

Thanks to its compact size, carrying the PicoPix PPX5110 is not an issue. It fits easily in a pocket or bag. The PicoPix PPX5110 will quickly become the indispensable device to complement your smartphone or tablet.

HDMI connection to share your content

The HDMI connectivity offers you the possibility of connecting notebooks and any other HDMI output devices.

Wireless screen mirroring

The PicoPix PPX5110 is equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity. It allows you to connect to other mobile devices such as a tablet or smartphone for sharing all their content on a big screen thanks to the Screen Mirroring feature. iOS or Android devices are supported by the PicoPix PPX5110.

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