Wireless TENS


    Wireless TENS

    Wireless TENS proven to help relieve your pain*

    The wireless controlled Philips TensRelief gives you complete freedom of movement during your TENS treatment. No hassle with wires anymore. It is clinically proven to help relieve your pain and comes with 2 electrode TENS units. See all benefits


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TensRelief Wireless TENS

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Wireless TENS proven to help relieve your pain*

Pain relief therapy recognised by professionals

  • Recognised pain relief therapy used by health professionals

    Recognised pain relief therapy used by health professionals

    TENS is a recognised therapy used by health professionals to help relieve pain. Studies suggest that applying TENS treatment stimulates the body's own pain suppressing mechanisms by releasing endorphins. Soft electrical pulses can block the pain signal going to the brain, so you can move around freely with less pain and enjoy your daily activities. It can be used for musculo-skeletal pain, osteoarthritis or chronic pain in general.*

  • Self-adhesive electrodes with patented hydrogel technology

    Self-adhesive electrodes with patented hydrogel technology

    The self-adhesive electrodes have patented hydrogel technology to minimise the effects of skin irritation. There are 4 in a resealable plastic pack and the recommended use is up to 20 times per electrode. This is dependent on skin type and usage. The electrodes optimise the even distribution of the pulse over your selected body area.

  • Easy magnet connection to connect TENS units to electrodes

    Easy magnet connection to connect TENS units to electrodes

    The two TENS units are connected easily with the self-adhesive electrodes by a magnet. You first apply the self-adhesive electrodes to your body and then just snap on the TENS units via the magnet connection. The TENS units come with a docking station and fully charged can provide up to 8 hours of continuous use. This will keep you going all day so you can enjoy life to the fullest with less pain.

  • Move around freely with no wires attached to the remote control

    Move around freely with no wires attached to the remote control

    The Philips TensRelief makes use of a wireless connection between the portable remote control and the TENS Units. No hassle of wearing wires anymore. With Philips you now have the freedom to start your TENS treatment while doing your daily activities. You can easily wear the TENS Units under your clothes and store the remote in your pocket or bag.

  • Direct feedback on activity displayed on remote control

    The activity monitor is integrated in the remote control, so with one push at the button you get direct objective feedback on your activity levels on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. You can use the objective feedback of the integrated activity monitor to optimise your pain treatment together with your health professional

  • Portable remote control to move around freely

    The portable remote control has a large high quality LCD display and is small enough to fit in almost any pocket or bag. It is simple to operate with only 3 buttons so you can always start your treatment quickly. The remote control, which comes with 2 AAA batteries, can be simply attached to your belt with a clip that is included in the package.

  • Premium pulse sensation for a comfortable treatment

    A premium one-channel pulse sensation is delivered through the use of a unique symmetrical bi-phase pulse technology without artefact symptoms. It is specially developed by Philips engineers to give you a gentle and comfortable feeling during your treatment. You can control the intensity of the pulse yourself with the remote control.

  • 8 pre-programmed settings for a tailored treatment

    On the device there are 8 pre-programmed settings available for you to start an optimal and personalised treatment. The settings are programmed in conjunction with leading scientific experts in the field and are based on the three generally accepted TENS pulses, namely Conventional, Burst and Frequency-Modulated. Feel free to choose the setting that fits your pain relief treatment best.

  • Advanced activity measurement to help you pace your day

    The first TENS device with integrated activity monitoring to give you an objective insight into your daily activity levels. The advanced activity algorithms calculate your daily activity in minutes. You can set your activity target in minutes and track how you are performing. In this way you get direct feedback if you are being too active and need to pace your day better or you can increase your daily activities.

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  • M. Johnson, M. Martinson (2007). Efficacy of electrical nerve stimulation for chronic musculoskeletal pain: A meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. Pain 130, 157-165

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