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Wireless Electrotherapy


    Wireless Electrotherapy

    Proven to help with pain relief*

    Philips PulseRelief delivers clinically proven TENS pain relief. It is controlled by a specially designed app on your iOS or Android device, and with its slim, lightweight, wireless design that is comfortable to wear under clothes, it doesn't get in the way of an active lifestyle. See all benefits

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  • Proven to help with pain relief*

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  • Proven to help with pain relief*

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  • Proven to help with pain relief*

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PulseRelief Wireless Electrotherapy

App-controlled, 15 TENS and 5 EMS programs, 60 intensity levels, Compatible with iOS and Android PR3840/00 Find similar products

Proven to help with pain relief*

App-controlled wireless pain relief

  • Control your treatment from your iOS or Android device

    Control your treatment from your iOS or Android device

    You can control your treatment via Bluetooth low energy on your iOS or Android device (see specifications for compatibility) to allow a high degree of mobility during use of PulseRelief. This enables you to go about your daily activities without being hindered by wires.

  • Recognised therapy to help relieve pain

    Recognised therapy to help relieve pain

    TENS is a recognised therapy used by health professionals to help relieve pain. Studies suggest that applying TENS activates the body's own pain-suppressing mechanisms, e.g. by blocking the pain signal going to the brain (already in the spine) and by releasing signalling substances such as endorphins. The wireless design of the PulseRelief device allows you to move around freely with less pain and enjoy your daily activities. The Philips PulseRelief device can be used for mild to moderate acute post-surgical pain and for chronic pain.

  • Easy snap-on magnet connection for quick use without delay

    Easy snap-on magnet connection for quick use without delay

    The two TENS units are connected easily with the self-adhesive electrodes by a magnet. You first apply the self-adhesive electrodes to your body and then just snap on the TENS units via the magnet connection. The TENS units come with a USB adapter and when fully charged can last for up to 8 hours of continuous pain therapy. This will keep you going all day so you can enjoy life to the fullest with less pain.

  • 20 treatments with 60 intensity levels

    The PulseRelief offers a variety of treatments. With its 15 TENS [Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation] and 5 EMS [electrical muscle stimulation] programs this device offers multi-usage therapy. The 15 TENS programs can be used to relieve mild to moderate chronic musculoskeletal pain, osteoarthritis pain or chronic pain in general.* The 5 EMS programs offer stimulation with potential strengthening of the muscles.

  • Treatment diary to provide a structured overview

    The Treatment diary is part of the PulseRelief app, with one tap of the diary function you get a comprehensive overview on your personalised treatment history. You can use this overview to optimise your pain treatment (together with your health professional or by yourself).

  • Advanced pulse for a comfortable sensation

    PulseRelief is a wireless one-channel TENS device. It uses a bi-phase pulse to stimulate the nerves underlying the skin. The pulse has been developed to give a comfortable sensation during treatment. You can control the intensity of the pulse yourself via the PulseRelief app.

  • Rechargeable battery via USB or power adapter

    Keep your PulseRelief charged via USB or standard power adapter at home or at work. After the battery is fully charged PulseRelief can be used for up to 8 hours.

  • Includes 2 replaceable electrodes

    The self-adhesive electrodes have patented hydrogel technology to minimise skin irritation. There are 2 electrodes in a resealable plastic pack and the recommended use is up to 20 times per electrode. This is dependent on skin type and usage. The electrodes ensure an even distribution of the pulse to the skin beneath the electrodes.

  • Option to add and control 2nd PulseRelief

    Via the specially designed app it is possible to add and control a second PulseRelief device to enlarge the therapy area for both TENS and EMS treatments. The pairing option will enable you to use four electrodes simultaneously.

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  • M. Johnson, M. Martinson (2007). Efficacy of electrical nerve stimulation for chronic musculoskeletal pain: A meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. Pain 130, 157-165

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