Brita Intenza+ water filter cartridge


    Brita Intenza+ water filter cartridge

    The best water for a tastier coffee

    Intenza+ is an innovative water filter cartridge specially developed for optimum machine protection during water filtering, which results in clearer and tastier filtered water for complete coffee enjoyment. See all benefits

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Gaggia Brita Intenza+ water filter cartridge

for Gaggia Espresso machines, Improves coffee taste, Protects against limescale, Replace every 2 months RI9113/60 Find similar products

The best water for a tastier coffee

Freshly filtered water for an intensive aroma

  • Adjustable water filter settings

    Adjustable water filter settings

    The water filter settings can be adjusted to the hardness of your water. Simply turn the adjustment ring on the Intenza+ water filter. Set it to A for soft water areas, B for medium water hardness (factory setting) or C for hard water. This will ensure optimal limescale protection and the best taste.

  • Cleaner water prolongs the life of your espresso machine

    Cleaner water prolongs the life of your espresso machine

    The water filter extends the lifespan of your espresso machine, ensuring you can enjoy the best-tasting coffee for longer.

  • Freshly filtered water for a better coffee aroma

    Water is crucial for every espresso so it's most important to have it professionally filtered. The Gaggia Intenza+ co-developed with Brita does this very easily and conveniently prevents limescale buildup. The result: perfect water conditions for the most intensive espresso aroma.

  • More efficient brewing process

    The water filter ensures a constant brewing temperature and consistent pressure during the brewing process, enhancing your espresso machine's performance.

  • Protects your system against limescale build-up

    The INTENZA+ water filter helps protect your machine against the build-up of limescale from tap water, which affects the taste and aroma of your coffee.

  • Click & go system

    The water filter cartridge easily clicks into the water tank and is ready to use in less than 30 seconds.

  • See our compatibility guide for details

    Compatibility with: Brera range, Platinum range, Accademia, Baby range, New Espresso range, Gran Gaggia

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