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    Home Theatre Control Panel

    Extreme colours, ultimate control

    The ProntoPro control panel replaces a table full of remotes! The programmable, elegant unit is compatible with virtually any brand of A/V equipment. Best-in-class colour graphics ensure a visually stunning one-touch control solution.

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Extreme colours, ultimate control

  • Control multiple devices with a single touch

    Control multiple devices with a single touch

    One-touch control allows you to perform multiple commands with one press of a button via a macro. A macro combines a string of pre-programmed commands under one single button. Therefore, it simply takes one button press to execute a series of functions.

  • Extensive infrared code database for most devices and brands

    A universal IR code database refers to a library of infrared codes built-in to a particular remote. This feature allows a remote to control your equipment without needing to learn individual signals. Select the correct infrared code sets in the database for the devices you want to control, to enable control of virtually every audio/video system element on the market today – regardless of model or brand.

  • Convenient IR learning from another remote

    Learning functionality refers to the process through which a remote control captures and stores infrared signals from other remotes for later use. When device codes are not included in the on-board database, they can always be learned from the original remote, simply by pointing to it.

  • Radio frequency works through walls and from other rooms

    A radio technology that allows you to control components not in direct line-of-sight, such as through walls or other obstacles. There are two types of RF used in remote controls: RF to component and RF to infrared.

  • Additional functionality through future software upgrades

    To keep your device up to date and enhance its functionality you can download new software that becomes available. Connect the device to the Internet, either directly or through a PC, and launch the upgrade utility.

  • Attractive and easy-to-read touchscreen colour LCD display

    Colour Liquid Crystal Display with touch screen input ensures better readability and the capability to visualise colour buttons and backgrounds. Easy selection of buttons and commands is possible using the touch screen.

  • Alpha blending allows see-through buttons and backgrounds

    Alpha blending is used to create the effect of transparency. It does this by combining a translucent foreground with a background colour to create an in-between blend.

  • LCD screen with backlighting for convenience in the dark

    Backlighting is a feature that illuminates the LCD screen or keypad for use in the dark. The two most common types of backlighting include LED and electroluminescent (EL). Remotes backlit with LEDs are typically bright but uneven with a yellow or green colour, while EL panels are smooth with blue, white or green shades.

  • Pick-up sensor activates the remote control when picked up

    Pick-up sensor is a feature that automatically activates the backlighting when the remote is moved or picked up.

  • Timer functionality starts functions, even when you're out

    Timer functionality refers to a feature that allows a remote control to perform certain actions automatically at a predefined time.

  • Select the language of the user interface

    On-device support is provided in English, Spanish, French, German and Dutch. To tailor the user interface to your local language, in the settings menu, select the language preferred.

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