Perfect sound

Cordless phone with answering machine

    Perfect sound

    Cordless phone with answering machine

    XHD Sound

    With voice clarity as clear as the bright colour screen, the SE6 series combines outstanding sound and perfect colour. You will be delighted with the new communication experience brought by this blend of colour and sound. See all benefits


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Perfect sound Cordless phone with answering machine

6000 series, 3 handsets, Black SE6553B/05 Find similar products

XHD Sound

for superb voice purity

  • XHD sound

    No matter where you are, you can have a phone conversation that is free from noise, with incredible loudness and sound purity in the voice. Thanks to a high-quality speaker, sophisticated technology and to a real acoustic chamber, you can enjoy the unbelievable sound quality in every phone conversation.

  • 200-name phonebook

    200-name phonebook

    Always have the phone numbers of your loved ones available: Save up to 200 names in your phonebook.

  • Digital answering machine

    With a digital answering machine, you'll never miss a call or message.

  • 30-minute recording time

    Records up to 30 minutes of incoming messages

  • Message counter on Base

    Just look at the base station to instantly know whether you have received any messages.

  • Bright colour display

    See your contacts in a bright, clear colour.

  • Icon-driven colour menu

    All functions are grouped into several menu items that are symbolised by a coloured icon. This facilitates navigation and use of the phone.

  • Enhanced speakerphone for real-life hands-free conversations

    Combine a high-quality speaker, sophisticated signal processing, a real acoustic chamber and full duplex hands-free and you'll get the most natural reproduction of a conversation. Both sides can speak and be heard at the same time, as in a face-to-face conversation.

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