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Universal remote control


    Universal remote control

    Touch screen

    A smart universal remote control with a full-colour touch screen that controls up to 20 devices out of 300,000 devices and only shows the keys you need. See all benefits

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Prestigo Universal remote control

Ultra touch 20-in-1 SRT9320/10 Find similar products

Touch screen

See only the keys you need

  • Activities to control multiple devices

    Activities to control multiple devices

    Start your home entertainment activities with one touch of a button instead of controlling each individual device in separate steps. Simply press the activity button like 'Watch a movie' and the Prestigo will automatically switch on the different devices, such as the TV, DVD player and Home theatre system, to watch a movie.

  • Touch-sensitive screen for easy navigation

    Touch-sensitive screen for easy navigation

    A touch-sensitive screen that shows only the keys you need and allows you to navigate fast through the remote screen.

  • Direct access to your favourite channels

    Direct access to your favourite channels

    A library of channel icons for most countries' main TV and radio stations is available on the remote control. You can easily assign the right channel icons to the right channel via the colour LCD screen. Once set up, you flick through your favourite channels via the LCD screen using the station icons instead of the digit keys on your remote.

  • 7.1 cm full-colour screen for easy readability and navigation

    A 7.1-cm (240 x 320 pixels) full-colour LCD display provides high resolution quality and easy readability. The touch-sensitive screen shows only the keys you need and allows you to navigate quickly through the remote screen.

  • Backlit buttons to control your devices in the dark

    The illuminated keypad makes it easy to control all your devices, even in the dark.

  • Easily learn and label extra functionality

    Learning functionality refers to the process through which a remote control captures and stores infrared signals from other remotes for later use. If device codes are not included in the on-board database, they can always be learned from the original remote, simply by pointing to it. The improved way of adding and labelling functions makes it easier and faster to add extra functionality. Result: no more missing functions!

  • Online updates via Internet library

    The Philips PrestigoSync software, together with the USB connector on the remote, provides access to easy online updates. You can select your favourite channel icons from the latest database library of 10,000+ channel icons. The Philips PrestigoSync software will also automatically inform you of the latest available firmware for your Prestigo. The software is provided on a CD-ROM or retrieved from the official Philips website.

  • Step-by-step guidance on the screen

    Unlike other universal remote controls, where a 4-digit code needs to be entered from a paper manual to identify a brand and device, this remote incorporates on-device step-by-step instructions for setting up your equipment, regardless of brand.

  • Universal IR code database to control different devices

    A universal IR code database refers to a library of infrared codes built-in to a particular remote. This feature allows a remote to control your equipment without needing to learn individual signals. The correct infrared code set is selected from the remote database via automatic search. This enables you to control virtually every audio/video system element on the market today — regardless of model or brand.

  • Most frequently used hard keys for ease of use

    Frequently used keys are present as hard keys for blind operation, which ensures ease of use.

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