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    Universal remote control

    Full function replacement

    This universal remote control is the perfect choice if you want maximum functionality for 3 devices out of a choice of 6, with optimal convenience. The natural fit shape ensures comfortable control! See all benefits

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Universal remote control

3-in-1 for TV/DVD/STB SRU5130/86 Find similar products

Full function replacement

Operates more than 1000 brands

  • Control up to 3 devices out of a choice of 6

    The controller provides the convenience of controlling 3 out of a choice of 6 home entertainment devices with one remote control. The remote can be easily programmed to control almost any brand of almost all audio/video equipment, using the on-board IR code database. One single remote to operate all your devices, without the hassle of searching for the right remote!

  • Ergonomic shape enables comfortable control

    The smooth rounded shape fits perfectly in your hand for natural, balanced operation. It looks great too!

  • Ready for use with Philips equipment

    If you have Philips equipment, you can use your universal remote control without programming it because all keys are pre-set for Philips.

  • Easy setup with fast key recognition

    Fast key recognition helps to quickly and easily correct keys that are not working after installing the brand of your equipment on your remote. Just press the key for 5 seconds while pointing the remote at your device. Once the device reacts, you have fixed the key.

  • For questions and assistance call our URC service line

    If you have a problem or question about your universal remote control, or there's a function key on your original remote control not covered by the extensive built-in code library, call the service line for a solution. It's available seven days a week.

  • Easy to use grouped functions

    Easily grouped functions allow you to easily recognise the buttons you need to control a specific audio video device. All functions of the device are grouped together on the remote. Moreover the top part of the remote is made up of different colour parts (black, silver, aluminium etc.) as well as different key finishings (black, silver, matt, glossy etc.) to quickly identify which keys go together to control a specific audio video device.

  • URC support service via dedicated website

    Dedicated support service for your remote control whereby all codes for all brands are available via the Philips URC website.

  • Batteries are included for unwrap-and-zap

    No extra batteries to buy, so you can use your new universal remote control straight out of the packaging!

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