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    My Philips Groomer is not charging

    If your Philips Groomer, Beard Trimmer or Hair Clipper is not charging, then please follow our troubleshooting advice to solve this issue yourself.

    The electric socket is not working

    Check the electric socket where you have plugged in your charger to see if it is working. You can also try plugging in a different device to make sure the power outlet is working. 

    Using a different charger

    Make sure you always use the designated charger that came with your groomer. You should also check if the shape of the charging plug allows it to fit into the device completely. Do not force it in, as that may damage the device. If you have lost your original charger you can buy a replacement from our online shop or contact us for help. 

    Groomer is not placed correctly in the charging stand

    If you are trying to charge your Philips Groomer on a charging stand make sure you have placed it correctly on it and the stand is plugged in. You can find detailed instructions on how to do this in your user manual.
    Philips Groomer charging stand

    Groomer is dirty

    It could be that your Philips Trimmer or Hair Clipper is fully charged but not turning on or performing well because hair or debris is stuck inside it. Your groomer requires regular cleaning to function properly.
    To clean your groomer, take off the attachments and cutter and clean the area underneath it. A lot of hair can collect there.
    If your groomer is washable, you can clean this area with water. Do not use soapy water or any cleaning detergents, as this can remove the protective oil on the cutter and effect its performance. Wash and dry the attachments separately before reattaching them to the groomer.
    If your appliance is not washable, clean it with the small brush provided with it or use a cotton bud.

    Watch the instructional video below as an example to learn how to clean your groomer properly. For detailed cleaning instructions, check the user manual of your particular model. 
    If you have tried the tips above but your groomer still does not charge, please contact us for further help.

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