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    My Sonicare toothbrush vibrates too powerfully

    Published on 04 August 2023

    If your toothbrush vibrates too powerfully, the troubleshooting tips below may help you find a solution.

    We recommend that you follow the steps in the order listed below. In between steps, check to see if the issue is resolved before moving to the next.

    Our electric toothbrushes use strong vibrations to clean your teeth. The vibrations are stronger than a manual toothbrush. If this is your first electric toothbrush, it can take a while to get used to electric brushing.
    You can choose between three vibration intensities; high, medium and low. If you find the vibrations too strong, reduce the intensity level. You can do this during brushing by clicking on the intensity level button. 

    If your toothbrush comes with the EasyStart feature, check if it is turned on. EasyStart slowly increases the vibration level during the first 14 brushing sessions. It can feel that the vibration is lower at the start and stronger at the end of the brushing cycle. 

    You can turn off the EasyStart feature by:

    1. Putting the toothbrush on the charger.
    2. Pressing and holding the mode/intensity and power button at once. 
    3. The toothbrush will beep once to confirm that it is turned off. 
    If none of these tips help, your toothbrush may be damaged internally. We recommend that you request a repair or exchange for your toothbrush.
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