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    My skin feels irritated after using my Philips Bikini or Precision Trimmer

    Published on 2021-05-12
    If your skin feels itchy, red or swollen after using the Philips Bikini or Precision Trimmer, do not worry. Normally, these side effects go away by themselves after a few days. Try our tips below to help prevent or reduce these side effects.

    If your skin irritation lasts longer than 3 days, then please consult your doctor.
    If you are a new user, allow some adjustment time to get used to the Philips Trimmer. Also make sure you give your skin enough time to recover between grooming sessions.

     If you have very sensitive skin, only use the trimming head with the comb attached. 

    As after-care gently apply an alcohol-free aloe vera cream or lotion. 

    Our products are skin friendly. It is good practice to visually check the body grooming products to see if the cutting unit and especially the shaving foil are still intact.

    Philips is not a dermatological authority and cannot give advice on individual cases. In case of doubt, it is better to consult your own doctor who can judge the condition of the skin in real life.

    Your trimmer requires regular cleaning to function properly. Hair or debris can get stuck in the device and affect its performance.

    Always check the head of your trimmer to make sure it is clean before you use it. If it is not clean and it is washable, clean it under running water. For non-washable products, use a brush or cotton bud to clean the trimmer. Also make sure your skin is clean before using the Philips Trimmer. 

    Also check if the trimming head is damaged. If so, replace it with a new trimming head. You can buy it through our webshop.

    For best results, use the right technique for trimming.
    • If your hair is longer than 3-4mm, then please pre-trim them using a longer comb. If you do not have different combs, shave and wait a week before trimming.
    • Move the trimming head over the skin very carefully against the direction of hair growth, while you stretch the skin with your free hand.
    • Apply gentle pressure, do not press the appliance too hard onto the skin.
    • Move the trimmer slowly and make sure it is in full contact with your skin.

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