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    My new Philips beard trimmer or shaver doesn't turn on

    Published on 27 September 2023
    If you have recently purchased a Philips trimmer or shaver and it doesn't turn on when you remove it from the packaging, please refer to the information below.
    Before your Philips trimmer or shaver leaves our factory, we put it into a one-off state of hibernation. This state exists to prevent your device from turning on accidentally during packaging or transport.
    To "wake up" your device, connect it to a plug socket and allow it to charge for a minimum of 5 minutes. This takes your trimmer or shaver out of hibernation, and you can use it as usual after that. 

    While we recommend allowing your device to charge fully (please refer to the user manual for specific timings), charging your device for 5 minutes or more is usually sufficient to take your device out of hibernation.
    If you have already used your Philips shaver or trimmer and it no longer turns on, additional cleaning may resolve the issue.

    Check the inside of the shaving head(s) or cutting teeth/hair chamber for any build-up of hair or debris. Build-up can block the moving parts of your device and prevent it from turning on, so make sure that you clean it thoroughly. You can find specific cleaning instructions in the user manual provided with your device.
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