Avent Nipple Protector

Avent Nipple Protector

£ 7.50
  • Standard
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Easy latch-on for your baby

Your baby can easily latch on through the shield and create a seal.

Made with odourless, taste-free, ultra-fine silicone

Philips Avent Nipple Protectors are made of an odourless, tasteless, ultra-fine silicone.

Country of origin
England Yes
What is included
Standard Nipple Protector 2 pcs
Weight and dimensions
Diameter 21 mm
Development stages
Stages 0–6 months
Allows baby to feel your skin Yes
Allows baby to smell your skin Yes
Ease of use
Heal when still breastfeeding Yes
Easy latch on Ultra-fine silicone
Nipple protector BPA Free*
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Avent Nipple Protector

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