Always close to your baby

    Baby monitor with crystal clear vision

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Always close to your baby

See and hear your baby with the latest technology in baby video monitoring

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Product features

  • Automatic channel selection for a private connection

    Maintain a secure and reassuring connection to your baby at all times with easy to use digital video technology

  • Infra-red night vision for round-the-clock monitoring

    Infra-red night vision enabling you to see your baby round the clock

  • Cordless and portable parent unit

    Rechargeable parent unit allows you move around your home whilst still staying close to your baby.

  • Automatic screen activation with brightness and volume control

    Automatic screen activation when a noise is detected in your baby's room. Volume and brightness control enable easy viewing of your baby.

  • Digital link confirmation and sound level lights

    Digital link confirmation for extra reassurance you are connected to your baby with sound level lights.

  • High resolution 2.4"/61 mm colour screen

    Easy monitoring of your baby with the high resolution digital quality colour screen

  • Soothing lullabies and nightlight

    Three soothing lullabies and nightlight to help sooth your baby to sleep

  • Easy to position camera

    This Philips AVENT baby monitor has an easy-to-position camera to make sure you get the best view of your child