Philips Avent

    Twin Expression Kit

    Inspired by nature

    Personal pump parts for use with the Philips AVENT Twin electronic breast pump.


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Inspired by nature

Express more. Store easily

  • More milk, naturally

    More milk, naturally

    Expression allows breast milk to be available, even when you can't be there

  • Soft massage cushions trigger natural let-down, like baby

    Soft massage cushions trigger natural let-down, like baby

    The patented massage cushions of the Philips Avent breast pump flex in and out, replicating baby's suckling action and are intended to help stimulate a fast natural let down.

  • More milk in less time

    More milk in less time

    Simultaneous pumping at both breasts is proven to be more efficient THAN A HOSPITAL GRADE PUMP. Philips Avent Twin Electric Breast Pump is a perfect time saver.

  • Ultra comfortable and effective

    Ultra comfortable and effective

    Five soft petal massagers gently flex in and out, working in tandem with the reliable vacuum. This is intended to help stimulate a fast, natural milk flow.

  • Gentle vacuum mimics baby's suckling for steady milk flow

    The gentle-draw vacuum mimics baby's suckling to create a steady milk flow that requires less pumping.

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