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    GoPure Fresh and healthy air in your car


    Fresh and healthy air in your car

    Automotive Grade Quality
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      Philips GoPure car air purifiers effectively remove allergens, airborne bacteria and viruses*, dust, cigarette smoke, chemicals emitted from plastics, exhaust fumes and other toxic pollutants from your car. With automatic features and a high-quality compact design, these powerful and efficient air purifiers will quickly remove harmful particles from the air inside your vehicle. So on every journey you and your family will breathe only fresh and healthy air.   


      Our car air purifiers equipped with SelectFilter Plus have been certified by Airmid Healthgroup.

      *Tested particle 1-pass removal efficiency at 3rd party lab on Philips SelectFilter Plus; sizes of human influenza and SARS coronaviruses published in the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2008 Microbiological Risk Assessment Report. Sizes of foot and mouth disease virus (FMD) and Hepatitis B are larger than 0.02um. Particle removal efficiency is tested according to standard GB/T6165:2008. Actual performance can be influenced by the environment it is used in; the filter does not guarantee 100% removal of particles.

      Car air purifier benefits

      Eliminates harmful particles
      remove toxic gases
      Eliminates toxic gases
      air filter replacement indicator
      automatically working device

      *PM stands for particulate matter are microscopic particles of solid or liquid matter suspended in the air. PM2.5 are considered fine particles, they have a diameter of 2.5 μm or less. PM1 are considered ultrafine particles and have a diameter of 1 μm or less. According to World Health Organization, ambient particulate matter is considered as one of the leading risk factors for premature death globally and can cause serious respiratory and heart diseases; www.who.int.

      How does the Philips GoPure improve car air quality?


      Car integrated filters are effective in trapping particles, pollutants and allergens from outside through the ventilation systems. However the air entering through the windows or doors from outside your car could be polluted with micro particles, dust, pollen, harmful gases and bacteria. Philips GoPure air purifiers are there to filter out these pollutants in a fast and efficient way, so that you have to worry less about you and your family’s health and enjoy a comfortable ride.


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      Protect your family with Philips GoPure GP5212

      Philips Go-Pure

      Fine particles (PM2.5) removal CADR (m3/hr)*


      Toulene removal CADR (m3/hr)*


      TVOC removal CADR (m3/hr)*


      Formaldehyde removal CADR (m3/hr)*


      NO2 exhaust gas removal CADR (m3/hr)*


      SO2 exhaust gas removal CADR (m3/hr)*


      Pollutants removal capacity

      Up to 100

      Birch pollen removal (Airmid tested)


      Filter Lifetime (hr)


      *Tested according to GB/T18801:2015 in 3m3 chamber at 3rd party lab, based on particle filtration speed to remove > 50% of pollutants

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