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    GoPure Fresh and healthy air in your car


    Fresh and healthy air in your car

    Automotive Grade Quality
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      Powerful 3-stage filtration technology

      Gopure filter

      Philips GoPure car air purifiers feature a powerful, efficient and fast-acting air filtration system. Its 3-layer filtration is a combination of a cleanable pre-filter, a HESA and a HEPA filter that make it the perfect protection from harmful particles, including pollution, toxic gases, allergy-inducing pollen and even bacteria and airborne viruses. Independently certified by Airmid Healthgroup, the SelectFilter Plus technology also removes up to 90% of airborne pollen allergens*.

      Our car air purifiers equipped with SelectFilter Plus have been certified by Airmid Healthgroup.


      *Tested and certified by the respected biomedical research organization Airmid Heathgroup.

      Advanced HESA technology

      What is HESA technology?


      The High Efficiency Selective Absorption (HESA) is a unique, high-performance air purification technology that reduces the effect of unhealthy chemicals in the air for you and your family. Philips HESA filter technology is designed to specifically target harmful gases and odours within your car. When air passes through the filter, the unique activated carbon treatment neutralizes even small molecule chemicals at very high efficiency. HESA was invented and applied to all GoPure air purifiers since 2009.

      HESA technology

      How HESA technology works?


      Philips unique 3-stage SelectFilter Plus technology includes a HESA layer embedded with selective additives. This decontaminates your car of harmful gaseous chemicals. Through a powerful absorption and oxidation process, it removes harmful gaseous substances It cleans the air of car exhaust fumes, industrial pollution, chemicals emitted by plastic materials and finishes used in car interiors, other odour emitting substances e.g. volatile organic compounds (VOCs), toluene and formaldehyde.

      Philips unique HEPA-based SelectFilterPlus filtration technology


      Fine inhalable particles pose the most serious health risk, because they can get deep into the lungs.

      Philips unique HEPA-based SelectFilter Plus filtration technology, removes dangerous tiny particles, bacteria or viruses as small as 0.015 microns from the air inside your car. This includes airborne viruses, hepatitis B and foot and mouth disease (FMD).*


      *Tested particle 1-pass removal efficiency at 3rd party lab on SelectFilter Plus; Sizes of human influenza published in the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2008 Microbiological Risk Assessment Report. Sizes of foot and mouth disease virus (FMD) and Hepatitis B are larger than 0.02um. Particle removal efficiency is tested according to standard GB/T6165:2008. Actual performance can be influenced by the environment it is used in; the filter does not guarantee 100% removal of particles.

      Why is HESA more effective than common activated carbon technology?


      • While common activated carbon technology absorbs a wide range of gases, HESA technology specifically targets harmful gases and odour. It maximizes the absorption speed and capacity to purify harmful chemicals.
      • When common activated carbon reaches full capacity or at high temperature, toxic gases may emit to the air again. HESA technology however neutralizes even small molecule chemicals at very high efficiency. Harmful gases cannot escape from the filter.
      • Common gas absorption material has non-uniform structure, low capacity and may contain heavy metals. HESA technology however applies on premium grade porous material, forming a more uniform structure to achieve high-capacity air filtration.

      Protect your family with Philips replacement filter

      The SelectFilter Plus is a powerful all-round filter, protecting you from PM2.5, odours, smoke, exhaust gases, VOCs and ozone. Its multi-layer filtration technology quickly removes up to 100 different pollutants from the air you breathe.

      Philips Go-Pure select filter

      Removes up to 100 pollutants

      Filters PM1 ultra fine particles

      Neutralizes toxic gases & odour

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