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    Sophisticated Beard Shapes: How to Trim the Henriquatre

    Reading time: 5 mins

    Man with shoulder long hair, blue eyes and a heriquatre beard looking directly into the camera.

    Think of the rounded metal part of a bottle opener – then you have roughly the shape of the Henriquatre beard. Alas, this description does not quite honour its namesake: King Henry IV of France. This royally inspired short beard shape is sophisticated and stylish, though it does demand some attention and care. 
    !If you don’t happen to have a royal entourage available, we have everything you need to know about this sophisticated beard style, from growing the Henriquatre to shaving, trimming, and grooming it. Here we go!

    What is a Henriquatre beard? 

    Compared to other short beard shapes, the Henriquatre is characterised by the fact that it runs completely around the mouth, with cleanly shaved cheeks. Only a thin vertical line connects the beard with the moustache. You need three things for a good Henriquatre: clear contours, a symmetrical shape, and a clean shave around the beard.  

    Remember: The Henriquatre goatee is a bit fuller and should have a slightly rounded shape. For men with round faces, we recommend another great beard styles.  

    Ready for the aristocratic challenge? Don’t panic, first you do not need to do anything other than letting your facial hair grow for a few weeks – depending on the speed of beard growth. Only trim under the upper lip during this time.

    A man is closely shaving a panel of his stubbly beard, resulting in a shaped moustache.

    Short beard shapes: The Henriquatre

    1. Trimming

    First, the trim. An electric razor like the Philips OneBlade is well-suited for the needs of the Henriquatre beard, with revolutionary technology that lets you trim, style and shave every hair length. Put one of the trimmer attachments on the handpiece and trim your beard down to about 3 to 5 mm. The blades of the OneBlade cut 200 times a second, which means that even longer hair will be done in a jiffy.

    2. Shaping

    Is your beard now a nice even length? Now you need to shape your beard into a slightly rounded shape that runs around your mouth and under your chin. With the OneBlade beard styler’s two-sided blade, you'll quickly and easily achieve the clean edges and precise lines of your new beard shape. Do not forget to adjust the edges of your moustache so that they blend smoothly into the rest of your beard.

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    3. Shaving

    The shape is done, but wait, there was something else… A Henriquatre with fuzzy cheeks is a no go! Before you put on a crown in your mind's eye, you have to shave thoroughly around your new beard. Guide the OneBlade against the hair direction over your entire cheek and neck. The double-sided blade follows the contours of your face, giving you a close shave without irritation.

    A man is vertically shaving his short beard from his cheek to his jawline, resulting in a clean-shaven patch.

    4. Care 

    For a perfect look, regularly trim your beard to keep it looking sharp.


    Congratulations! You did it. And you are in good company with your masculine and elegant new beard. The Henriquatre has gained popularity, even among celebrities. And why not? It can be classic and trendy at the same time, and the fantastic fusion of a short beard shape with a moustache gives your face style and personality. Of course, it can only emphasise what was already dormant under the beard, so you must have done something right!

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