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    How to Trim a Moustache: A Step-by-Step Guide

    Reading time: 4 mins

    A long-haired man uses a trimmer to fully shave his beard and shape his moustache.

    Your dad probably had one when you were little and maybe your grandpa did, too, but the moustache is much more than a look of the past. It is flexible to style and remains timeless if you wear it well! That’s why today, from London to LA, you see more moustache styles than ever before – short, long, straight, walrus, handlebar, horseshoe. The trick is to find one that suits your style, expresses your personality and is as individual as you are.


    And if you think that maintaining one requires time and commitment, this moustache maintenance guide is here to make it considerably simpler:

    A young man is closely shaving his short beard, revealing a clean-shaved patch.

    Five easy steps to trimming a moustache: 

    1. Grow out your moustache 
    It may be tempting to begin grooming a moustache after the first few whiskers begin to appear, but you must give it time to grow out first. It would be pointless to put in the effort to shape and style your moustache if it grows in patches. There isn’t much room to experiment with different styles until your moustache is at least an inch long.

    Typically, it takes approximately two to three weeks for a moustache to grow in, so avoid shaving facial hair during that period.

    2. Choose a moustache style
    Once you’ve grown your moustache, it’s time to choose a moustache style that will suit your face shape and match your unique style. If you can't decide, a natural moustache style is the safest option. When choosing between different moustache styles, keep the following in mind:   


    Density determines length: If your facial hair tends to be sparse, a long moustache will look better because it can conceal gaps. Consider your proportions: The size and shape of your moustache should match the proportions of your lips. A thick moustache can make thin lips look even thinner, but make large lips look smaller.

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    3. Shape your moustache 
    Shaping a moustache is easy but requires a patient hand. First, comb your moustache down as smoothly as possible. Use a moustache trimmer to create a smooth shape under your nose. The Philips OneBlade fulfils all moustache trimming needs and allows you to style precise lines. Its two-sided blade allows you to trim in any direction and keep an eye on every single hair.


    Then, trim the hair on your upper lip to a uniform length. Be careful not to set the line too high. Next, trim the tips of your moustache in a diagonal line from your nose to the corners of your mouth. Use the corners of your mouth as a guide to check the result in the mirror. And most importantly, make sure that both sides of your moustache are the same length!


    If you like it more rustic and prefer a wild, natural-looking moustache, you should just trim it. Start with combing it into the shape you want to achieve, and then use the OneBlade only to trim the hairs that stick out.


    Tip: Don’t forget to trim those pesky little hairs at the corners of your mouth to avoid them from getting into your mouth! 

    A young man is using a trimmer with a special attachment to trim a scruffy beard.

    4. Highlight your moustache
    Now that you’ve spent all this time and effort grooming every last hair of your moustache, it is time to make it the centre of attention by cleaning up the perimeter. Trim your beard in a way that shows off your proud moustache. If you don't care for a stubbly look to go with your moustache, shave it off completely.

    The Philips OneBlade not only enables trimming a moustache, but also allows you to shave your beard with its multiple attachments. For best results use the longer attachment for long beard hair and then follow up with the shorter attachment for finer grooming points.


    5. Care for your moustache

    Your newly grown moustache should be given the care and commitment it deserves. Tame it with wax or pomade as needed and trim it regularly to keep it in top shape. Great moustaches take time and care; rushing through the process might only require you to start all over again. So, we must take it one step at a time! 

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