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    Master the walrus moustache in six steps

    Reading time: 4 mins

    Closeup of a walrus looking directly into the camera.

    There is nothing shy or reserved about a moustache nowadays, and if the moustache is the champion of facial hair, then the walrus moustache is the heavyweight champ of them all. It’s the facial hair of choice of some of the grandest people in history – and with this moustache, you'll earn your rightful place in the history books, right by their sides.

    There's a vague hint of absurdity in the walrus moustache style, a slightly frivolous style that breaks boundaries. Intrigued by the style statement? Here's how to grow a walrus moustache and trim it into tip-top shape in six easy steps:

    1. Let it grow!

    Growing your moustache is easy, just leave your facial hair alone for about a month. All you need to do is keep it clean and trimmed while it grows. Only trim around the lips during this time so you don't get a curtain of hair in front of your mouth, apply beard oil to keep the hair soft and you’ll be well on your way to growing a walrus moustache!

    When you've reached the point where your beard is full – without the need for tinkering, you're ready. Now it's time to take control of your walrus style moustache:

    2. Trim

    Comb the beard downwards. Set your trimmer to about 3-5 mm and reduce your overall moustache length. Choose a longer setting for the outer whiskers around the ends of your mouth. If you're using a OneBlade Pro, the  adjustable comb allows you to choose different lengths and cut your beard evenly.

    A man with a big brown walrus moustache looking directly into the camera.

    3. Shape your moustache

    Now use the precision trimmer to define the shape of your moustache and trim any protruding hairs. Trim downwards and follow your lip line to the corner of your mouth. Leave a strip about 5 mm to 1 cm wide and trim to 1 cm below the corner of your mouth. Use the OneBlade Pro to create precise edges and fine lines, or to create contours and details. This is how you’ll define the walrus moustache style that suits your face shape.

    4. Give your moustache some space

    Ready to say goodbye to your beard and shave around the moustache? If you want it to be smooth, now's the time to use a traditional razor. If you want a little chin scruff leftover, you can also use the OneBlade or OneBlade Pro. With its double-sided blade, it's easy to shave in any direction you want, or style edges if you've missed a few hairs before. Create clean lines around your moustache and remove any stray hairs.

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    5. Going clean shaven?

    If you are going clean shaven around your beard you will need to take care when shaving along the contours of your moustache. Use the OneBlade Pro's double-sided blade to perfect the edges of your cheeks, neck and chin. Then guide the tool against the direction of hair growth to cleanly shave the cheeks, chin and neck. The OneBlade Pro doesn't cut too close to the skin and prevents skin irritation and redness with a glide coating on the blade and rounded tips.

    6. Style with wax

    Your moustache is now ready, but now you can style it with a little wax. Choose a beard wax that suits you and apply it generously to your walrus ‘tache with your thumb and forefinger. Keep your moustache well-groomed for maximum effect. When it comes to maintenance, trimming should be a pleasure, not a chore. Just trim back any hair that gets out of line every few days and let your moustache continue to grow magnificently. If you need a bit more help, check out our guide on how to trim your moustache.

    And there you have it! You can experiment with your moustache and wear it with a short or longer beard by simply trimming instead of shaving it off. Now that the moustache has been grown and tamed, you can try out any beard style – no matter the length or shape, to compliment your new facial hair feature. Or – if you're in the mood for something a little less bushy and long-haired, give your moustache an elegant touch by twirling the ends of the moustache with a little beard wax or bending them upwards. The world is your oyster so devour it, as would the walrus!

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