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    Short or long chin beard? – This is how you do it

    Reading time: 4 mins

    Man in a red shirt and a beard looking to the side in front of blurry nature background.

    Why the long face? Or are you just in need of chin beard advice? In any case, once your beard gets mistaken for a Rapunzel wig at the Halloween party, you should probably start thinking about your chin beard care. Here you’ll find everything you need to know about the chin beard to find out which chin beard style is right for you.

    The art of chin beard styles

    If you are a chin beard newbie, you need one thing most of all: patience. The chin beard requires a long time to grow. If you want to keep your chin beard short, you might reach enough volume after two weeks. If you want to grow a long chin beard, it can take up to two months. So, hang in there!

    A man is trimming his short chin beard using a trimmer with a special attachment.

    Once you’ve made it, grab your trimmer to determine a rough outline for your new chin beard style. Afterwards you can shave your chin beard and shape it in more detail. A device that manages different lengths of hair easily is especially helpful for complex chin beard types. Philips OneBlade is a hybrid styler which lets you trim, shave, and shape clean lines. A great all-in-one solution.

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    What was that one called again? An overview of chin beard types

    Long chin beard or short? Pointy or round? With or without moustache? Only you can decide what chin beard style suits you. This not only depends on your personal style, but also on the density of your beard growth and the shape of your face to make it look convincing. These are the classics:

    Man with brown hair and eyes using Philips OneBlade to shape his goatee beard above his lips.

    Goatee: Some say ‘baaah’, others say ‘cool’. The goatee  looks, as its name suggests, like the beard of a goat. It is ideal for novices, because it grows quickly and just needs to be shaved neatly at the edges so that the cheeks, upper lip, and neck are free of hair. For the classic goatee look, cut your chin beard pointy at the bottom.

    Close up of a black man in a white shirt and grey cardigan and his chin puff beard.

    Chin Puff Beard or Soul Patch: Not a chin beard? Well, strictly speaking, these variants are lower lip beards. But those who are laid-back enough to wear them don’t care about such trivial things. These precisely shaved beards lengthen the face and are ideal for round faces. The chin puff is a small, vertical strip. For the soul patch you should cut your lower lip beard or chin beard pointy at the bottom.

    Man with an accurately cut ginger chin strap beard in a dark grey suit looks into the distance.

    Chin Strap Beard: The chin strap beard is a masterpiece of the art of beards. It winds in a thin strip symmetrically from hairline to hairline and in the middle softly snuggles up to the chin. If you want to shape this chin beard type, you should have a steady hand and ideally an even beard growth. Dark hair forms an especially nice contrast.

    White man wearing a beanie and a red jumper with a very accurately cut dark chin curtain beard.

    Chin Curtain: The crazed brother of the chin strap. It, too, traces the shape of the face but has more volume and looks much more natural. In comparison to its soft perfectionist brother, the beard care for the chin curtain is a breeze. The result, however, will cause a storm.

    Man with shoulder long hair and henriquatre chin beard wearing a blue shirt, a suit jacket and a hat.

    Henriquatre: For those that want more than ‘just’ a chin beard, consider this royally inspired chin beard style. The round-the-mouth beard is both masculine and soft and especially well-suited to angular faces. If you have a versatile trimmer like the OneBlade, you can shave its inner and outer edges precisely and from time to time trim it to an even length.

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