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    Home ›› Can you get pregnant while breastfeeding?

    Can you get pregnant while breastfeeding? Pregnancy and breastfeeding FAQs


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    Can you breastfeed while pregnant? Yes, that is possible! Can you get pregnant while breastfeeding? Yes, that is possible too – which means it’s not true that breastfeeding is the best contraception. Getting pregnant while breastfeeding is possible without any problems, but are there any potential risks? If you are pregnant and breastfeeding and have questions, you’ll find answers here.

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    Can you get pregnant while breastfeeding?


    As mentioned, breastfeeding is not an alternative to contraception. If you don't want to get pregnant again soon after giving birth, then you should keep this in mind and use a contraceptive method that suits you if you’re sexually active.

    Can you get pregnant when breastfeeding if your period hasn’t restarted?


    Of course, one of the most obvious signs of ovulation while breastfeeding is your menstrual period restarting. But even if your period hasn’t started yet, it is still possible that you are already fertile and can therefore become pregnant again. According to a WHO study, one pregnancy occurs in 200 breastfeeding mothers. So, getting pregnant while breastfeeding is rare, but possible.

    What you need

    Can you continue breastfeeding in pregnancy?


    If you get pregnancy symptoms while breastfeeding, and then have a positive pregnancy test, you don’t necessarily have to stop breastfeeding. Breast milk is still the best food for your baby and you can continue to breastfeed if you wish.

    Can you breastfeed while pregnant if you have had a miscarriage or premature birth in the past? 


    If this is the case, your doctor may advise you to stop breastfeeding if you become pregnant again. Also, if you suffer from pain in the uterus, bleeding or severe weight loss, it’s better not to breastfeed during pregnancy. Always discuss your individual situation with your doctor before deciding whether to continue breastfeeding during pregnancy.

    Pregnant and breastfeeding: what you should bear in mind


    The combination of breastfeeding during pregnancy can bring some challenges that affect your ability to breastfeed:


    • Your growing belly can lead to various breastfeeding issues, such as difficulty finding a comfortable breastfeeding position or latching problems for your breastfeeding baby.
    • The change in hormonal balance means that the amount of milk produced decreases.
    • You may suffer from sore and sensitive nipples due to hormonal changes.
    • The taste of the breast milk changes, which can lead to the breastfeeding baby weaning on its own.

    Side effects of breastfeeding while pregnant


    So they’re the changes that can affect breastfeeding. Pregnancy can be impacted too, though. One of the biggest side effects of breastfeeding while pregnant is that during breastfeeding, the hormone oxytocin causes slight uterine contractions. Towards the end of the pregnancy, this could possibly trigger active labour.


    If you have chosen to breastfeed during pregnancy, it’s important that you eat a healthy, balanced and adequate diet. Breastfeeding increases the calories your body burns, so it’s vital you gain adequate weight during pregnancy and eat all the essential nutrients your unborn baby needs for healthy development.


    The practical thing about breastfeeding is that you always have the perfect food for your baby when you’re on the go. However, you may leak some milk outside of breastfeeding sessions, and this is where Philips Avent breast pads can help; they give you a dry and comfortable feeling all day long. 


    So now you know the answer to “can you get pregnant when breastfeeding?” (Yes, you can!) and you have more information about the breastfeeding/pregnancy combination.

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