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    Home ›› What to put in changing bags for babies

    What to pack in your changing bag


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    The first trip out with your baby is often greeted with mixed feelings. What if your little one suddenly needs to be fed, needs a new nappy, or needs to be burped? It takes some time to get to know your new family member but, over time, it becomes easier and easier to recognise what your baby needs and when. And if you know what to put in a changing bag, it makes life a lot easier too.

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    What to put in a nappy caddy


    You’ll feel more confident if you’re well equipped for the first trip and all further walks, shopping trips or visits to relatives. Therefore, it’s always advisable to have a well-stocked nappy pack with you. There are different types of changing bags and backpacks, and the choice is entirely up to you. But what to put in your nappy caddy remains the same.

    Nappy bag checklist


    There are various nappy bag essentials that we can break down into different areas. Here we’ll show you what goes in a nappy caddy for changing, feeding, and more.

    What to pack in a nappy bag for changing on the go


    • Changing mat to provide a hygienic base
    • Nappies
    • Nappy rash cream
    • Wet wipes or cotton wool pads and water
    • Nappy sacks for dirty nappies

    What to pack in a nappy bag for feeding


    Regardless of whether it's a short walk or a longer trip, food for your baby should always be on every nappy pack checklist. After all, you never know when hunger will strike! For young babies, the food will be milk. Once they’ve started on solids, you’ll start to pack finger food snacks that are appropriate for their age.

    If you’re breastfeeding, it’s a good idea to pack the following in your changing bag:


    • Breastfeeding cover (if you prefer to wrap something around yourself and your baby for privacy)
    • Burping cloth, like a muslin – especially important if your baby spits up
    • Breast pads


    If you’re breastfeeding, it’s a good idea to pack the following in your changing bag:


    • Baby bottle made up with feed
    • Additional milk for longer trips out
    • Burping cloth


    Combining breastfeeding with formula or bottle feeding? The Philips Avent Natural baby bottle is designed with this in mind. The breast-shaped teat encourages a natural latch and makes the switch between breast and bottle as smooth as possible.

    What you need

    What to put in changing bags: essential extras


    Don’t stop at changing and feeding supplies! There are other important items to pack, to cover every eventuality. It’s these kind of nappy bag hacks that help you deal with any situation that might arise, and keep both you and your baby happy.Extra clothes for your baby (a couple of complete changes for longer trips)


    • Hats/caps for cold/sunny days
    • Spare clothes for you!
    • Dummy (if your baby has one)
    • Small blanket (depending on the weather)
    • Cuddly toy (keep an eye on this – it’s easy for it to get thrown overboard!)
    • A plastic bag for any dirty clothes


    If your baby has a dummy then you’ll probably be familiar with how often it gets spat out/dropped. This can be particularly tricky to deal with when you’re out and about. To help keep it safe, you could get a Philips Avent Ultra Soft Snuggle. The dummy attaches to a cute plush animal, so it’s less likely to get lost, and is detachable for easy cleaning.

    The Snuggle is compatible with all Philips Avent soothers, so you can mix and match with your favourite from a range of orthodontic, durable, BPA-free dummies. This also makes packing a baby bag slightly simpler, as you can tick off ‘dummy’ and ‘cuddly toy’ in one fell swoop.

    Nappy bag hacks: what to pack and when 


    You may be wondering if it's really worth carrying all these things with you for every outing. If you only take a short walk close to home, it might be enough to simply have the things you need for changing and feeding your baby on the go – see the first part of the nappy bag checklist. But for anything longer or further away, it’s a good idea to take the full kit.

    Each time you return home, restock any supplies you used (like nappies). And before you head out, check you have everything you need, so there aren’t any unpleasant surprises later. The first time you pack your changing bag, you can remind yourself of what goes in a nappy caddy by ticking off the items on our checklist.

    Over time, packing a baby bag becomes routine and you get a feel for what things you absolutely need to have with you for your baby and what can be omitted. And with your nappy bag packed, all that’s left to do is enjoy your trips out!

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