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    Permanent hair removal: Why is everyone talking about it?

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    Many of us dream about waking up in the morning without having to worry about stubbly armpits and hairy legs. A life without hairy problems – wouldn’t that be great? Everyone’s talking about permanent hair removal right now – from beauty salons to lifestyle blogs, to your best friend.

    But why are we so infatuated with the idea of permanent hair removal in the first place? What exactly is “permanent” hair removal, what methods are available for long-lasting hair removal, and how much does it cost?

    But why are we so infatuated with the idea of removing hair permanently, what exactly is permanent hair removal and which methods can make this a reality?Man könnte splissige Haare als sanften Appell verstehen, dass der nächste Friseurbesuch ansteht. Aber mal ehrlich: wer mit Apps & Co so gut organisiert ist, kann auf die Erinnerung von Mutter Natur verzichten. Also was tun bei Spliss und vor allem, was hilft wirklich gegen Spliss? Wir geben hier nützliche Tipps gegen Spliss im Haar, wenn er einmal da ist, und sagen dir, wie du mit guter Pflege und entsprechenden Produkten, Spliss vermeiden kannst.

    Permanent hair removal: a dream come true?

    Body hair is completely natural, with each one of us having approximately five million hairs on our body. There is no reason why you shouldn’t wear your hair with pride. Nevertheless, removing body hair is a common trend these days – not just for women – as hairless skin has its own advantages, such as boosting performance in sports, improving hygiene, or even simply as a way to feel more comfortable.

    However, smooth skin has its price. No matter what your preferred hair removal routine is – shaving your armpits and bikini zone in the shower every morning, epilating your legs every two or three weeks, or waxing your body hair in the salon – it is time-consuming. And despite all the effort, your hair is back in what often feels like the blink of an eye.

    The futility of this endless chore makes a permanent hair removal solution sound like a dream come true. But there’s no such thing as permanent hair removal – at home or elsewhere. However, hair removal that promises permanently smooth skin is a sought-after – and attainable, solution. But can it really keep its promise?

    A blonde woman sits in front of a mirror, wrapped in a towel.

    A promising solution to “permanent” hair removal

    So, what’s the best way to permanently remove hair? The most well-known permanent hair removal treatment is laser hair removal, which you can have done at a salon. The hair will grow back over a long period of time – so it’s not 100% permanent, but the expensive, long-lasting hair removal treatment offers almost-permanent hair removal after a series of repeat visits. So how does it work?

    Laser hair removal safely sends light pulses from laser to growing body hair. Melanin, which is responsible for the pigmentation in hair, absorbs the light, which is converted into heat and directed towards the hair follicle. This encourages the hair to enter its resting phase. Between sessions, it sheds naturally, and new growth is inhibited. Since only the hairs in the growth stage are treated this way, several sessions are required for complete depilation, depending on the body part, hair density, and hair type.

    Before undergoing laser hair removal, and since every skin type is different, it’s best to consult your dermatologist or visit a laser removal clinic to fully understand the process and its effects, before making any decisions for yourself and your body.

    Compared to shaving or epilating, laser hair removal could be considered the most permanent hair removal treatment, after at least six sessions, each one four weeks apart. Laser hair removal can significantly reduce hair growth over time, however, there’s no guarantee that laser hair removal is permanent. Generally, laser treatment is less effective for fair hair with low levels of melanin, but you can still find isolated regeneration of hair roots years later, on any skin or hair type.

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    Permanent hair removal at home

    Although many would prefer a permanent hair removal treatment, laser treatments only come very close, with no guarantee of lifelong hairlessness. So, perhaps a more appealing alternative that achieves a similar long-lasting hair removal solution – but without the frequent trips to the salon or laser treatment clinics – is IPL hair removal, which you can do from the comfort of your own home!

    The methodological difference between laser and IPL is that IPL hair removal can cover a larger area of skin. IPL technology uses the complete light spectrum and filters it to the effective wavelength range instead of being dependent on a single wavelength, like the laser.

    Both laser and IPL translate to higher costs at first when compared to shaving or waxing. However, the results are considerably longer lasting, making IPL – or laser – worthwhile investments. If you choose IPL treatment, you have the option of achieving laser treatment’s almost-but-not-quite permanent hair removal, at home. Despite the one-off investment, overall costs are lowered substantially. Additionally, you can perform the treatment wherever’s comfortable, whenever it suits you!

    An IPL device such as the Philips Lumea Prestige is a hair removal solution that has been designed for you and has four different curved attachments for body, face, bikini and underarm areas. With these attachments, each body part receives the attention it deserves.

    The Philips Lumea Prestige is handy, safe and achieves 92% hair reduction.
    1 At the same time, you only need 8.5 minutes to treat both lower legs.2 Who would have thought that long-lasting hair removal at home would be this easy? 
    So, don’t be afraid to break the endless cycle of hair removal methods – choosing the right long lasting hair removal method for you may be your hairway to heaven! 


    1 Adherence to the treatment plan; detected at the legs after the third treatment. Individualresults may vary.

    2 When used corded; for highest intensity setting.

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    Discover your beauty every day.

    Whether you are looking for facial, hair care or hair removal beauty solutions – Philips has everything you need.

    Discover your beauty every day.

    Whether you are looking for facial, hair care or hair removal beauty solutions – Philips has everything you need.

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