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    IPL Hair Removal Reviews: Real Women Answer Your Questions

    Reading time: 7 mins

    When it comes to so-called ‘permanent’ hair removal, you need some good advice. Does at-home laser hair removal really work? Is IPL treatment effective? And does it hurt? 

    Now of course you can read the descriptions from the product manufacturers or ask your favourite blogger. However, the opinions of real women who record their IPL hair removal experience are the most interesting. They speak as women who expect the best results, and who speak from your point of view. 

    Here you’ll find answers to the five most common questions about the Philips Lumea Prestige IPL device for ‘permanent’ hair reduction. Read the experiences that real women have had with it and their honest IPL hair removal reviews.

    Besonders interessant sind aber die Meinungen der Frauen, die ihre Haarentfernung per Laser oder IPL in Erfahrungsberichten festhalten. Sie sprechen aus der Sicht der Kundin, die nur die besten Ergebnisse erwartet – sie sprechen aus deiner Sicht. Hier findest du Antworten auf die fünf häufigsten Fragen zum Philips Lumea Prestige IPL-Gerät für die „langanhaltende“ Haarentfernung. Und die Erfahrungen, die echte Frauen damit gemacht haben.Man könnte splissige Haare als sanften Appell verstehen, dass der nächste Friseurbesuch ansteht. Aber mal ehrlich: wer mit Apps & Co so gut organisiert ist, kann auf die Erinnerung von Mutter Natur verzichten. Also was tun bei Spliss und vor allem, was hilft wirklich gegen Spliss? Wir geben hier nützliche Tipps gegen Spliss im Haar, wenn er einmal da ist, und sagen dir, wie du mit guter Pflege und entsprechenden Produkten, Spliss vermeiden kannst.

    Real women, real IPL treatment reviews.

    1. How long-lasting is the hair removal?

    ‘Permanent’ hair removal refers to laser and IPL. If you read testimonials, you’ll quickly notice that these methods reduce hair growth long-term, but don’t completely eliminate it. For the treatment with Philips Lumea Prestige, objective studies have shown a significant hair reduction after only three to four treatments with an interval of two weeks.1

    This is what real women say when asked, “does Philips Lumea work?”:

    Smiling profile image of brunette woman leaving review.

    “Hair is being removed effectively and grow back less densely and slower. I am amazed!”

    Hanna, 17.06.20182

    Profile image of brunette woman leaving review, drinking from white mug.

    “I can see and feel a difference on the legs even after the first two treatments. My boyfriend, too, has noticed the difference – and he didn’t even know about the Lumea. ;-)”

    Moci, 22.06.20182

    2. How easy is it to handle?

    The Philips Lumea Prestige is approximately the size of a travel-sized hair dryer. It fits comfortably in the hand and thanks to its attachments for different body parts enables an effective and quick IPL hair removal experience. It only takes 8.5 minutes for you to treat both lower legs.3

    Philips IPL hair removal device reviews from real women:

    Black and white profile image of reviewer with a fringe and wearing dark eyeliner.

    “The device sits comfortably in the hand and doesn’t even feel too heavy when treating both legs. Even with stout legs like mine it’s done in a jiffy.”

    dapo, 11.06.20182

    Profile image of reviewer, a woman sitting on rowboat and holding a paddle, facing the sea.

    “Handling is really easy and pressing the trigger for longer even larger areas such as the legs can be treated quickly.”

    Karima36, 25.06.20182

    Profile image of reviewer, a woman with dark bob smiling at the camera.

    “Considering the relatively short time it takes, the result is nothing to sniff at. I treat my legs and armpits and need 20 minutes.”

    Katrin, 13.06.20182

    3. How easy is it to use?

    IPL treatment is a breeze with the Philips Lumea Prestige. It includes a simple manual and its app helps you achieve a fuss-free treatment and creates a treatment plan for each body area according to your preferences. You can comfortably enjoy a reliable IPL hair removal experience at home.

    Philips IPL reviews by real women for Lumea Prestige:

    Profile image of reviewer, a woman wearing sunglasses and smiling while looking away.

    “Treatment is also a walk in the park. Especially in combination with the dedicated app which explains everything in detail and even reminds you when your next treatment is due.”

    Scarlett, 29, 05.08.20182

    Profile image of reviewer, a woman in a bikini leaning against a palm tree on the beach.

    “First, of course, read the manual! It is extremely detailed, clear and very descriptive so you can’t go wrong. After less than 10 minutes reading you know exactly for whom the device is suitable and what you really need to keep in mind.”

    Vince, 15.06.20182

    See below ↓


    4. Does it look good?

    Of course, the Lumea Prestige is also beautifully designed. Thanks to its feminine colours and curves, even on the dresser it looks as if it has always been part of your furnishings.

    ‘Permanent’ hair removal – testimonial for Lumea Prestige:

    Profile image of reviewer, a redheaded woman in black hat smiling.

    “The Lumea Prestige comes in a medium sized package, crisply packaged and it looks exactly like the pictures suggest. It feels good in the hands, is high-end and stylish.”

    Naledi, 13.06.20182

    Profile image of reviewer, a woman wearing a wetsuit on some rocks holding a surfboard.

    “The design is really tuned to us women. White and red-gold appeal to almost any woman.”

    Sandi73, 18.07.20182

    5. Does it hurt?

    Thanks to its light-based technology, IPL treatment with the Philips Lumea Prestige is virtually pain-free. Compared to hair removal methods such as waxing, sugaring, or epilating, the slight warm sensation that you may feel is a walk in the park.

    Profile image of reviewer, a young woman in wetsuit smiling on a windy beach.

    “The treatment does not hurt like, for example, epilating or waxing.”

    Antje85, 24.06.20182

    Profile image of reviewer, a side-profile of a woman sitting in a theatre.

    “The treatment itself for me is generally pain-free. Only on thin skin areas (for example armpits) the light impulse can sometimes be felt briefly, but is never painful, especially since the intensity can be individually adjusted.”

    Hummelkiwi, 12.06.20182 

    1 Up to 92% less hair after 3 treatments according to the treatment plan, determined on the legs. Individual resulty can vary.

    2 This review was submitted after receiving an incentive (coupon, discount, free trial, sweepstakes, raffle competition, etc.).

    3 When used corded, time for highest setting.

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